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YogaBellies®Kidz has grown from our work with women and infants during the most important time of their lives, and now we work with older children across the world. Learn to use authentic yogic practices and techniques in a fun, vibrant and rewarding career as a YogaBellies®Kidz instructor.

All YogaBellies® classes offer authentic yoga practices with a modern twist. We offer yoga for women, pregnancy and post-partum; childbirth preparation as well as yoga and massage for babies, toddlers and children. We have a world-wide network of Certified YogaBellies® Teacher’s, each extensively trained and mentored in their chosen YogaBellies® field.

“YogaBellies® are a collective of women with a common vision, passion and ethical values. We want to help children to begin their lives with a healthy, positive and compassionate view by starting with yoga.”

How did YogaBellies® begin?

Cheryl MacDonald is a Yoga Elder, founder of YogaBellies, author, Dragons’ Den winner and mother of one gorgeous little man. She has been practising yoga for 18 years and has trained extensively in yoga and antenatal education amongst other holistic therapies. Her skills and experience combined with her love of yoga and the belief that everyone can practice yoga, are the essence of YogaBellies®. Such is the popularity now of Cheryl and her YogaBellies style classes, that she recently taught children’s yoga on ITV’s This Morning programme with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, demonstrating pregnancy and children’s yoga. Cheryl has also taught yoga and birth preparation to a number of celebrities including Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) and Fearne Cotton.

Cheryl started YogaBellies® for those women and children who wanted to practice and experience the many benefits of yoga, without it seeming too 'mystical' or unattainable. She

started to teach classes specifically for women, mums and their children, so that they could grow to love yoga, connect with their true selves and to bond with each other. YogaBellies® has grown to include an experienced training faculty of teachers with a wealth of experience, including experienced yoga teachers, doctors, midwives, massage therapists and chiropractors.

Cheryl believes that children can be introduced to yoga from the very beginning, with YogaBellies offering Mum & Baby yoga classes from only six weeks old! YogaBelliesKidz is a fun, exciting and empowering experience for children helping them to develop and grow, physically and mentally. It is her hope that as a Certified YogaBellies® Teacher, you will share our vision of gently guiding children through childhood with our special techniques.


Take a peek at me on BBC’s Dragons’ Den or on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Holly Willoughby...

Why is YogaBellies®Kidz unique?

YogaBellies®Kidz sessions incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques which create a unique experience for your clients. Our Kidz sessions incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); simple relaxation techniques and beautiful songs, games and positive life building experiences for infants and children from mobile to pre-teen.

YogaBellies®Kidz classes are entirely unique and were written around the National Curriculum for Excellence, making them especially popular with schools and nurseries. We make sure our classes are fun, non-threatening, welcoming and open to all levels of practitioner. We believe that yoga is accessible to everyone and that yoga for children is a fantastic and positive start to life.

You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!


What does it mean to be part of YogaBellies®?

When you join YogaBellies, you become part of a collective of like-minded women. We now offer online YOgaBelliesKidz training courses, and commit to actively supporting, mentoring and guiding you on your journey as a YogaBellies teacher through our online community. You also receive our Business Goddess training to help you set up and  progress as an ethical and successful business owner.

When you become part of YogaBellies®, we want to support your personal journey. We care about your work life balance and will help you to identify and make the life you want, a reality. We will guide you towards a peaceful and productive life using our own YogaBellies techniques and practices that we practice with our clients.

How does the YogaBelliesKidz online training work?

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As a YogaBelliesKidz teacher you can run classes for children aged 18 months to 12 years in yoga, massage and relaxation techniques and be engaged in all the varied activities of successfully managing your school. 

From a promotional perspective, you don’t have to think about figuring out ‘marketing’ or building up a brand: we’ve done that for you already. You can just focus on building your YogaBelliesKidz business locally.

What does YogaBelliesKidz online training involve?

Each teacher begins their journey by completing our online YogaBellies Business Goddess training with YogaBellies founder, Cheryl MacDonald and then moves on to training in their chosen field.

As part of your training, you will undertake the following training modules:


YogaBellies Business Goddess Bootcamp


YogaBelliesKidz Training


YogaBelliesKidz in Schools


YogaBellies Baby Massage


YogaBellies Little Angels (Toddler Yoga)


YogaBelliesKidz Anatomy

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YogaBellies First Aid

Module Iconstt-module-8


On successful completion of your training modules, you will become a Certified YogaBellies®Kidz Teacher (CYT Kidz.) Our YogaBelliesKidz training is accredited and insurable by the IPTI.

What makes the YogaBellies®Kidz children’s yoga Different?

YogaBelliesKidz not only offer you world class children’s yoga teacher training and on-going business and yoga teaching peer support, we also give you the opportunity to run your business in many different ways, including: 

YogaBelliesKidz gives you various avenues to grow your business by  training school and nursery staff to use YogaBelliesKidz techniques in their organizations. You can teach private Little Angels, YogaBelliesKidz and KidzKalm classes including afterschool and weekend classes, host YogaBelliesKidz parties and run YogaBelliesKidz summer camps and work within schools and nurseries teaching your classes.

Why would I choose to become a YogaBelliesKidz Teacher?

YogaBellies offers you a whole new way of looking at and living your life. We offer you comprehensive training in yoga and business. Most importantly, we help you turn your passion into an ethical, rewarding and successful career. You will become a part of an active and ever growing community of women across the globe who love yoga and children.

As a YogaBelliesKidz teacher, your focus is on building the Kidz business and living by YogaBellies ethics.

The idea that we need to give up on any part of ourselves and our values to be successful in business is like saying we need to stop breathing in order to live. In fact, having clarity on our

own personal values and living them every day helps YogaBellies offer what nobody else does.

Our values represent the true essence of who we are and embracing these and using them as a foundation of our business, has helped us create a truly unique and inspirational company that attracts women who love and appreciate what we do.

Hear some of the YogaBellies® Stories

What else is included when I buy YogaBelliesKidz teacher Training?

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– Your licence to teach as a Certified YogaBellies®Kidz Teacher (CYTKidz;)
– Complete details on how to teach and market your classes
– Your complete YogaBellies®Kidz kit including all the equipment you need to run your business and to offer classes which may include:

  • Your own YogaBelliesKidz® profile webpage all of your classes listed on our main website
  • An online shop where you can purchase  a YogaBellies®Kidz uniform and merchandise
  • Beautifully soothing YogaBellies® licensed downloadable music to use in class
  • Access to the exclusive YogaBellies® Teachers online forum where you can speak to other teachers and access extensive resources in your teaching areas such as manuals, articles and videos
  • Detailed ready-made class plans for teaching your YogaBelliesKidz® classes
  • Media templates for responding to enquiries and bookings
  • Templates and Marketing materials for you to use when working with schools and nurseries
  • You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!

What our teachers think about

teaching YogaBelliesKidz…

I loved the training weekends, especially after getting to know Cheryl and the other teachers. The teaching was thorough, interesting, relevant and enjoyable. Besides the essentials of learning how and what to teach safely and professionally, there is also a strong focus on the spiritual essence of yoga, and I found this beautifully enlightening.

I am currently teaching 4 YogaBelliesKidz classes a week and making a profit of around £120+ which is incredible. It is an amazing class to teach and the kids really do get so much out of it.

I started off by approaching my old primary school and presenting to them what YogaBelliesKidz was all about. I used Cheryl's YogaBelliesKidz class objectives and marketing materials to present, and also read up more of my course notes. My first class was £3 per child for a 45min session and I had 15 kids aged from 3-5 years old, chaotic fun for 10 weeks! After this I approached some other schools and so the story goes.... One school pays me £30 per hour and I have 2 weekly sessions here, whereas the others are all per head payable upfront in advance.

- Sophie, CYT Belfast

I definitely think that YogaBellies is great value for money...Everything about YogaBellies is unique... From the lovely founder Cheryl (beautiful, honest & extremely down to earth).. The brand, the support given & the amazing level of care to all teachers (& our mummies, babies & kidz) upon joining YogaBellies, you will never look back.... Built on good values... You are taken on a journey of self-discovery.... As well as being part of a wonderful family of amazingly strong & supportive woman!

My yoga journey has taken me on many paths... Having had 7pregnancies in the last 10 years (I have 6 little folk) ... It felt natural to me to gain a qualification to teach ladies at this precious time in their lives.... & along came YogaBellies....:-) I had no idea just how much I would get out of it.... Every day I am learning & teaching, learning & teaching! (YogaBellies is truly awesome!) x

I currently teach 2 hours per week in a private nursery and a pre-prep school and make £280 profit per month (assuming I've taught the 2 per week). The private nursery consists of 2 groups of anywhere between 10 and 15 children and the pre-prep school is one class of 6-10 children. I find it a great way to top up my income and have a regular income, whereas the private classes can be variable depending upon numbers. And the best bit about it... it doesn't feel like work at all!

- Leah McGrath, YogaBelliesKidz Teacher, Oxfordshire

Let’s be super clear though

YogaBelliesKidz teachers need to be business minded, motivated and well organised.

As Principal of the school your role will be to manage and facilitate classes for children. There will be opportunities for you to teach classes if you wish (you will undertake the training as part of your package) but you can also train teachers to work for you at an additional cost and get really involved in the exciting curriculum, but the main focus is growing your Kidz business and spreading the word about YogaBelliesKidz in your area.

You must be keen to work on growing your YogaBelliesKidz classes and must understand that this is not just a yoga teacher training course. We are looking for people who want YogaBellies to be their career and their life. You must understand that to begin with you will work 20-30 hours per week building up your business – which can reduce as you are established – but building a business is a full time commitment. The good news is that this time can be whenever it suits you and your family, not in a 9-5 working environment.

We expect our teachers to be fully committed to the promotion and growth of YogaBellies, by the way they treat their own YogaBellies business, live their life and interact with clients and the rest of the world. Our teachers are our world-wide ambassadors and so you must share our values and our vision of helping children.

YogaBelliesKidz teachers are:

  • Sociable: Our teachers are open, friendly, outgoing and ethical.
  • Committed: Our teachers understand that they must work hard and be committed to growing their YogaBellies business within their area.
  • Passionate: Our teachers are genuinely passionate about what they do and want to make a difference to the lives of children though YogaBelliesKidz. You must have strong business development and account management skills as this will be an integral part of your role as a teacher.
  • Willing to learn: Depending on your current knowledge and experience, you may have a lot to learn. Our teachers understand this will take dedication and patience.
  • Supportive: Our teachers are part of a greater community across the world. We actively support each other in any way we can.
  • Organized: You must be able to juggle your work life balance (with our guidance) and be willing to learn how to run your own business. This involves superb organizational and motivational skills and attention to detail. You must have basic IT skills and be able to use Microsoft windows.

Which YogaBelliesKidz classes can I offer?

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YogaBellies Little Angels

(Toddler Yoga and Massage) Little Angel’s classes take over where our mum and baby classes end. These classes are for mobile babies and toddlers from around 10 months to 3 years. This can be taught as a private class or within nurseries and schools.

The classes incorporate elements of yoga, massage, movement and music and continue the mum and baby bonding process while encouraging baby to express their new found creativity and freedom of expression. This is a home study and online course, with all of your resources at your fingertips.

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YogaBelliesKidz® Yoga

(Children’s yoga from 3-12 years) YogaBelliesKidz® Yoga is a unique, engaging and exciting children’s yoga programme written in line with the UK’s national curriculum for excellence, meaning you have the immediate support of schools and nurseries everywhere.

YogaBelliesKidz® was written for children from age 3-12 years and is based on our teachers own experiences of practising yoga with their growing children. You also have the licence included to host  YogaBelliesKidz® parties and holiday clubs too.

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YogaBelliesKidz Kalm

Using meditation and calming techniques to work with all children to help them calm, relax and self soothe. This is especially useful when working with children with behavioural problems or attention deficit disorder within a school or nursery setting.

You can also offer YogaBelliesKidz Holiday Camps and Birthday Parties and much much more!

More Questions?

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  • Optional Licence to teach as a Certified YogaBellies®Kidz Teacher (extra cost)
  • Complete details on how to teach and market your classes
  • Your complete YogaBellies®Kidz kit
  • Your own YogaBelliesKidz® profile listed on our main website
  • Licensed downloadable music to use in class
  • Access to the YogaBellies® Teachers online forum
  • Detailed ready-made class plans
  • Media and marketing templates

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