The Pregnancy Wellness Reset – 3-days


This 3-day pregnancy wellness reset will kick-start your healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is not the time to take on a strict diet or obsess about what you are eating—doing so can be both dangerous and stressful—but in recent years, many health advocates have encouraged mums-to-be to try to “eat clean.” By eating clean, you prevent your baby from being exposed to toxic chemicals … From the moment of conception, even small amounts of these substances can have an impact.


You are made up of a complex symphony of hormones—insulin, oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, and more—and these chemical messengers must play in united harmony for you to experience optimally functioning, harmonious health. However, during pregnancy, many women deal with common hormonal imbalances that can lead to mood swings, irritability, brain fog, fatigue, and excess pregnancy weight gain. 

Many hormones are produced and impacted by the microbiota, so hormone balance should begin in the gut. Eating for your best digestive health creates a cascade effect that touches how all your hormones are produced and used. Here are my best tips for eating for hormonal balance:

If you want to learn how to feel fantastic every day of your pregnancy, for you and your baby, you’re in the right place.


By discovering which foods work for you, you, too, will feel fantastic. As you remove foods that are wreaking havoc on your system, you will:

  • Improve your digestion and immunity
  • Maintain a healthy pregnancy weight
  • Provide baby with the nutrients they need to grow healthy and well
  • Enjoy glowing, spot-free skin
  • Sleep better
  • Stabilize your mood and balance your hormones
  • Have the energy to accomplish your goals


In this 3-Day pregnancy reset, my goal is to help you balance pregnancy hormonal fluctuations, quickly and easily – no-nonsense. You’ll do so by filling your diet with nutritious foods for you and baby. As a result, you’ll feel more alive and energetic than you’ve ever felt and melt away those stubborn pounds. Yay!

38-page guide to clean eating in pregnancy including:

  • 3 days of meal plans, clean recipes, and healthy snack suggestions
  • Tips for getting the most from your pregnancy reset and pregnancy self-care tips and tricks
  • The best foods to eat during pregnancy for energy
  • Natural remedies for morning sickness
  • Your guide to essential oils during pregnancy: the benefits and what’s safe to use and when
  • BONUSES: I’ve included 2 high-quality bonuses, including Your Pregnancy Wellness Plan and Getting Started With Pregnancy Yoga

PLUS 2 Amazing Pregnancy Bonuses:

These bonus products will help you kick start your pregnancy wellness journey to give you and your baby the best possible start

YogaBellies Pregnancy Wellness Plan

YogaBellies 8-page Pregnancy Wellness Plan so that you can start planning for the best possible pregnancy for you and baby – mind, body and soul! Explore why you need a pregnancy wellness plan; figure out what your personal wellness priorities are and plan your pregnancy self-care, including your pregnancy fitness and nutrition goals.

Getting Started With Pregnancy Yoga Guide

My 10-page guide to getting started with a pregnancy yoga practice including staying safe when practising yoga during pregnancy; what kit you need with recommendations; how to set up a home yoga space AND 2 mini YogaBellies for Pregnancy video sequences to kick off your practice


N.B. Please note that this product is fully downloadable and no physical product will be sent to you. You will receive a ZIP file for download on purchase.


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