7-Day Women’s Yoga Challenge



If you’ve heard about the benefits of yoga for women and you want to start exploring- even if you’ve never practiced before, you are in the right place! The fact is that we tend to think yoga is designed only for ‘Zen people’ who can make incredible bendy shapes and have super-ripped bodies…

Well, yoga is so much more than just stretching and, most importantly, yoga is for ALL women. During this challenge, I want you to learn how much more yoga can bring to your life as a woman, than just a few shapes on a yoga mat. Every day we’ll add a few more postures to our feminine yoga sequence and by the end of the week, you’ll have a flow to practice at home and a better understanding of the unique benefits of yoga for women. All you need to get involved is your commitment, a yoga mat, and you are ready to go!

Together, we will learn the best female-friendly postures to truly enjoy the benefits of your yoga practice from a perspective of overall wellbeing; positive mental health, and respect for our bodies and minds as women.

Who is the challenge for?

Absolutely every woman that wants to kick-start healthy, positive changes in her life! This entire challenge is suitable for all women – even if you are pregnant or post-partum.

What’s Included?

This challenge includes:

  • Access to The YogaBellies Sanctuary online support community for women to enjoy during and after the challenge;
  •  A 24-page challenge guide with a detailed break-down of new yoga postures to add to your practice every day and beyond;
  • Daily motivational prompts to keep you on track throughout the challenge;
  • Daily Recorded Video sequences with Cheryl to talk you through the specific benefits for women on the postures that day and to take you through a short sequence;
  • Access to the Why Women Need a Unique Style of Yoga webinar replay with Cheryl;
  • and much more!


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