Optimize Your Immunity


What’s Included in this Immunity Kit?

  1. Your Immunity Boosting E-Book
  2. Immunity Optimization journal
  3. 3 x Immunity Boosting Meditation MPS’s for overall wellness:
    1. Emotional Balance Meditation
    2. Breathing for a Healthy Mind
    3. Grounding Meditation
  4. Your Boost Your Immunity Audio Book: 5 x MP3 tracks to listen to for immunity-boosting tips on the go


One thing is for certain, the only thing we’re in charge of is our own bodies and how we take care of them. During times of illness and seasons full of viruses, we simply can’t control if the people we come in contact with are sick. But we can do whatever is in our power to boost our own immune system to lower the chances of getting sick ourselves.

In this Optimize Your Immunity Kit, we’re going to be diving into the things that can negatively affect your immune system, because wellness starts with awareness.

We’re also going to be sharing our top tips to keep yourself healthy each and every day, the best foods to eat and the best natural remedies to try.

Lastly, if you do happen to catch something, we’re also sharing some great natural antibiotics and tonics that will help you feel better and get back on your feet as soon as possible!

This kit also includes 3 x Immunity Boosting Meditations to keep you healthy and well and an Immunity Boosting Plan, to make sure your tracking your progress and wellness.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Things That Negatively Affect Your Immune System
  • Daily Healthy Habits to Keep You Illness-Free
  • Simple Hacks for Preventing Illness in Your Home
  • Dietary Changes to Help Keep You Healthy
  • Herbs to Boost Your Immune System
  • Essential Oils for Your Immune System
  • Natural Antibiotics for Cold & Flu Season
  • Tonics That Help With a Cold or Flu


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