the yogini cleanse – 4 day weight loss kick start


YogaBellies is all about making you feel better: About your life, your body and yourself.

This 4-day mini-cleanse is the quick and easy way to kick off that healthy lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself!

It’s going to make you feel lighter, give you more energy and it’s the perfect accompaniment for your YogaBellies practice too, wither you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned mat-treader.


This gorgeous yogini cleanse by yogabellies, lasts just 4 days. This is enough to kick start healthy eating habits, invigorate your yoga practice, and push your energy levels through the roof!

This is your simple guide for gaining energy, healthy weight loss, cleansing your body, and boosting your immune system. The wholesome meals are suitable for pregnancy, post-partum and vegetarians and are full of nutrients and vitamins. The recipes and meal plans are easy to make and accessible to everyone and perfect to accompany and enhance your YogaBellies practice.

who should do this cleanse?

  • If you are run down, lacking energy or want to kick start weight loss
  • If you are suffering from PMS or menopausal symptoms, this cleanse will help balance your hormone levels;
  • If you are fatigued or stressed;
  • If you need to ‘detox’ after too much partying ????

this mini cleanse kit includes:

  • A 31 page e-book with everything you need to know about kickstarting the yogini diet – i.e. NOT dieting!
  • A complete breakdown of how to do your 4-day yogini cleanse with a daily plan of action;
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes and snack suggestions for 4 days – that’s 12 healthy, gorgeous recipes;
  • A complete shopping list of everything you’ll need


N.B. Please note that this is an e-product that is fully downloadable and no physical products will be sent to you. On purchase, you will receive a link to access the files.


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