YogaBellies Dealing with Anxiety in Times of Crisis Kit


Help relieve stress and anxiety with the YogaBellies Anxiety Kit


The current climate has everyone feeling stressed. If you already suffer from mild anxiety or depression, the fear of the unknown and enclosed living quarters can only exacerbate this. This kit will help you:

  • Identify and accept that you may be suffering from anxiety;
  • Face anxiety head-on instead of running away from it;
  • Provide advice of what to avoid when you have anxiety;
  • And what practices and techniques can help ease it;
  • Provide holistic advice for anxiety including aromatherapy and herbal recommendations;
  • The best foods to eat when you’re anxious
  • The basics of easing anxiety in kids
  • Use journalling to track and pinpoint your anxiety triggers;
  • Understand why yoga is the best remedy for anxiety and depression and details which yoga practices and postures are best for this;
  • Use meditation to ease subconscious feelings which lead to anxiety


  • Dealing with anxiety in a time of crisis PDF e-book
  • Journal yourself out of anxiety – editable PDF journal
  • Why Yoga Works e-book PDF: Your complete guide to yoga practices for anxiety and depression
  • 3 x Meditation MP3 downloadable tracks including:

Meditation for Uncertain Times

Stress Relief with Breathing



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