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It’s been hard to pay attention to anything other than the news in the past year...

In fact, I thought about holding off on launching our new online teacher training for our franchisees...

Your health and safety, family, and overall-wellbeing need are our priority at YogaBellies, and we’re supporting our community of women in every way we can.

But if you are in the fortunate position to have a strong foundation across these areas, you might also be looking at how you can adapt to the new normal, look towards the future and maybe thinking about what work might look like for you in the future. And that’s why I’m here right now. In fact, there may be no better time for you to begin your YogaBellies franchise and teacher training.

Our clients need your support more than ever, with women birthing alone in hospitals or choosing to birth at home. New mums are unable to get out and enjoy the much needed post-partum 'village' that we provide at YogaBellies. This is why our online sessions are just as important and relevant now online as they are in person.

Introducing The YogaBellies Franchise:

A complete yoga business franchise business package with a 250 hour, fully online YogaBellies teacher training programme, for women who want to empower themselves and others, through yoga. 

Created for women, by women, this training will guide you through teaching therapeutic female-centric yoga practices on all levels, throughout life.

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We are accepting applications for our CYT training and franchise programme now. Our new micro-franchise packages start from around £6997 plus VAT.


If you pay your deposit before the 28th February 2021, You will get a £1000 discount off the total cost of your franchise fee.

Please note that application is no guarantee of being accepted onto the franchise programme.

This programme is perfect for women who know that… 

There are *so* many misconceptions about what yoga is and who yoga is for. Let me dispel some of these myths

I'm sure you've probably thought (or heard other women say):

  • I’m not bendy enough
  • Yoga is for teenagers on Instagram doing handstands
  • I’m not skinny enough to do yoga
  • I’m wayyy too old for yoga
  • I’ve just had a baby, so I can’t do yoga...
  • I’m pregnant, it’s not safe for me to practice yoga
  • Yoga won’t get you fit or help you lose weight

No matter your shape, size, experience or what’s going on in your body — as women, we gain extra benefits from the correct yoga practice at each stage of our lives — even from adjusting our practice to align with where we are in our menstrual cycle. 

But when we go to a yoga class or we train as a yoga teacher, we’re not made aware of these benefits unique to women!

Being part of YogaBellies® franchise means that you're connected with an amazing global network of like-minded women, who want to support you and won’t judge you – because they’re right where you are too. It’s about waking up to the value of women supporting women, bringing back sisterhood and ‘the village’ as something that is absolutely essential for our wellbeing.

How The YogaBellies Franchise Works

A mutual commitment is made between our franchisees and YogaBellies®, to guide, grow, and flourish as individual teachers and as a collective. YogaBellies® don’t take a percentage of your earnings and all of the money that you make is your own. You pay your initial investment fee and then your monthly management fees of £98 plus VAT (dependant on size/number of territories) to cover the benefits that you enjoy as a YogaBellies® franchisee.

Each teacher begins their journey by attending the YogaBellies Business Goddess Induction and then further ongoing support from HQ to launch your business locally. During this time we help you to create, launch, and establish your YogaBellies business in your exclusive geographical territory where you will be the only YogaBellies teacher offering the path that you are trained in. We will also introduce you to the processes and easy to use systems that we have in place, in order to make your working life super-efficient and slick!

On successful completion of your chosen training modules, you will become a Certified YogaBellies® Teacher (CYT) and will be accredited and insurable as such. You can even hire YogaBellies teachers to teach for you in your territory or you can purchase additional territories to help grow your business even further. More than 80% of our teachers have completed further YogaBellies training to add to their portfolio of skills and to grow their YogaBellies business.

From a promotional perspective, you don’t have to think about ‘marketing’ or building up a brand: We’ve done that for you already. We provide all of the marketing, accounting, and business tools that you need, which means that you can focus on what’s important: Teaching Yoga!

What is the difference between a Micro and Management franchise package?

When you join YogaBellies, you have two franchise package options on offer, depending on what you want from becoming a teacher. Our micro franchise package is for those who want to teach a minimum of 4 classes per week and is better suited to a ‘part-time’ option, with an exclusive geographical territory size of 100k population. If you purchase a Micro Franchise, you can also supplement this with a Start-Up Kit of YogaBellies Mats and uniforms, add on extra training options such as YogaBelliesKidz, YogaBellies for Fertility and BRA.

Our larger Master franchise package is now also available. With an exclusive geographical territory of 200k population and your complete ‘franchisee pack’ included, this option is best for those who want to start and continue to grow their YogaBellies business and included the training of other YogaBellies teachers to work for you within your territory. Our management franchise package also includes things like yoga mats, our gorgeous YogaBellies uniforms and flyers. Even if you still wish to work part-time, this enhanced territory size allows you to expand into the areas surrounding you and build a strong client base. You also get all of your teaching kit so that you are ready to get going. If you are interested in the Master Franchise option, please email us for more information on

What does my quarterly management fee cover?

Your monthly fee starts from (£98 plus VAT) begins three months after your first live training date. This gives you time to get up and running with your classes before paying fees. We will still be helping you prepare for your business launch from the minute you sign up and your monthly fee covers things like ongoing business and therapy support; your YogaBellies email and customer booking systems; use of our YogaBellies intranet and forums; access to your reduced price printing portal; your YogaBellies webpage and access to our social media streams; inclusion in national PR, advertising and social media campaigns and being able to use the YogaBellies brand name as well as everything listed above.

What’s included in the package?

At stage one, you will receive extensive, in-depth teacher training in your chosen path. We keep training small compared to your average yoga teacher training course where you will be one of 50 other trainees. We guide you through setting up your business, help you put together your business plan, and provide you with all of the tools you need to make a success of your YogaBellies business.

We provide you with everything you need to teach and lots of assistance in setting up and planning for your business. You will receive a gorgeous YogaBellies uniform to wear while teaching and even exclusively mixed music to use in class. With the master package, may also receive further teaching kit, but please be sure to confirm which of these options are included in your package as options may vary.

In addition to this, you get the benefit of regular PR and lots of national press attention, with several of our teachers featuring in the national press; your own YogaBellies webpage, with all of your classes listed on our main website; an email address and access to our exclusive YogaBellies teachers intranet and forum to connect with YB teachers across the globe. We also have an amazing custom built online booking and payment system, which keeps track of all of your customer health information, collects their payments, records their contact details and also allows you to see at a quick glance, just how well your business is doing! The entire CYT programme is available to you online immediately — so you can move through it at your own pace! 

There is a maximum of 12 months to complete training and you will be provided with assignment submission dates.

The course is split into 10 distinct modules and includes accessible at any time, online materials; videos of YogaBellies practices, lectures, live YogaBellies classes and techniques; downloadable handbooks and class plans; an online support group and regular interactive lives with Cheryl and her team of teacher trainers for any questions you may have.

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Our micro franchise packages start from around £ 6497 plus VAT.

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Our Franchise Programme Will Help You:

  • Begin the work you were always meant to do — revitalizing your own health and wellness while helping other women do the same! 
  • To set up, grow and run your own ethical women's yoga business from home — with the ongoing support of our expert Franchise Support Team and a global community of YogaBellies Teachers
  • Enjoy all of the ongoing support, mentoring, tech websites and support you can expect from a 10 year+ established franchise
  • Get all of the kit you need for your business to look the part including YogaBellies luxury mats and uniforms (check your package for inclusion)
  • Understand why yoga has special benefits for women (that benefits us off the yoga mat too!)
  • Learn unique YogaBellies practices to support women throughout all our life stages
  • Explore ways in which yoga can help alleviate and treat female-specific medical conditions
  • Live in alignment with our natural cycles, in our yoga practice and in our daily lives
  • Discover what a woman's yoga practice needs to look like and why the BAP’s (back, abs and pelvic-floor) are central to a woman’s wellness throughout life.
  • Learn female-centric yoga practices to improve every aspect of your life, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Create a Yogabellies community of women supporting each other in your local area

Apply Now

Fill in the short initial enquiry form to let us know a bit more about you, or arrange a call. Our micro-franchise packages start from around £ 6497 plus VAT.

I understand why yoga is so important to women: But not just ANY yoga practice. I've seen over 100,000 women in the UK alone, come along to YogaBellies classes and understand how best to work therapeutically with women throughout life. Over my 25 years of yoga practice, I have learned what that practice is and want to share it with you.

As a 500 E-RPYT, I have trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the YogaBellies® style of pregnancy yoga over the past 15 years. YogaBellies® is a unique style of yoga that I created specifically for women, making use of the yogic practices best suited to support us through the emotional, physical and psychological changes we experience - not just during pregnancy, just custom created for each of our female life stages."

I've also been featured in:

  • The Huffington Post - talking about my yoga journey and YogaBellies® beginnings
  • As a winner of BBC Dragon's Den - the Dragon's loved the concept of YogaBellies®
  • Appeared on ITV's This Morning - teaching yoga to women and children at various life stages
  • All of the magazines, TV channels and publications you can see on this page, talking about yoga for women throughout life
  • Been personal yoga teacher to celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley

What's Included In My CYT Training Package?

  • 60+ hours of video content, including a step-by-step breakdown of every posture for every life stage
  • 30 hours of YogaBellies class live recording from different teachers, practices and techniques
  • Lectures on all of the YogaBellies themes and topics (with printable handouts)
  • YogaBellies business goddess training in a series of video lectures and printable handouts
  • Home study YogaBellies® first aid certification for all teachers as well as anatomy and physiology guidebooks
  • 60+ step by step prewritten YogaBellies class plans for you to tweak and make your own, all with Prewritten SLEEP meditations to accompany each class plan
  • Bursting-at-the-seams YogaBellies teacher training handbooks on all of the topics covered - covering all of the basics you’d expect from a standard 200 course PLUS more information on our specialization, yoga for women
  • Regular ongoing live sessions with myself and my team of teacher trainers online for you to interact and learn as you progress your training (attend if you can or view the recording)
  • Access to the 50-hour birth rocks online mentor training, which will qualify you as a Childbirth Educator and upgrading your qualification to CYT250 — meaning that you can teach parents and couples and help prepare for birth

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If you're still keen to join the family...

Our micro franchise packages start from around £ 6497 plus VAT.

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As a YogaBellies Franchisee you also get:

Your YogaBellies Franchise Package Also Includes:

  • Your exclusive yogabellies geographical territory where you will be the only yogabellies teacher there - this is effectively your business turf;
  • Your official franchise license to teach as a Certified YogaBellies® Teacher International and use the letters CYTI after your name;
  • Your own YogaBellies® 'mini-site' and searchable class listings on our main website;
  • An amazing, custom-built online customer booking and reporting system where your clients can book, pay their deposits and you can easily identify peaks and lulls in business and check in with your accounts;
  • Access to the exclusive YogaBellies® Teachers online forum and resource hub, where you can speak to other teachers and access extensive resources;
  • 6 months exclusive set up and business launch mentoring with our franchise support team;
  • Access to regular LIVE group webinars online with Cheryl and her group of teacher trainers, to develop your yoga teaching practice and YogaBellies business;
  • The opportunity to promote your YogaBellies business through our media channels and press coverage;
  • Marketing through our active international social media and online marketing and brand management ;
  • As a CYTI, you receive discounts on any further YogaBellies you choose to undertake;
  • Premade business, planning, and social media templates to help you set up and grow every aspect of your YogaBellies business
  • Premade Social media resources to use to promote your business, flyer and roller banner templates too
  • Use of logos and branding guidelines to promote classes in your own area
  • Email templates for each type of class and also to deal with every type of customer scenario 
  • You can also purchase YogaBellies branded clothing, yoga mats and accessories at discounted prices - you may also have some of these items included in your franchise package within our start-up kit;
  • Multiple resources for your YogaBellies clients to keep them coming back for more including a student's online community; a free phone app, podcast, YogaBelliesTV channel and more;
  • If you select the 200k package, you will also receive YogaBellies branded uniforms, mats and more.

Phew — that’s a lot, Cheryl! Can we run through a recap of everything included in this program?

CYT training in the form of 10 distinct modules covering everything you need to know about teaching yoga women at every life stage, including over 60 hours of video content including a step by step breakdown of every posture for every life stage;        

A custom-built YogaBellies customer booking system for your classes and your own hosted YogaBellies mini-website where you are immediately searchable on our main site. Access customer reports to identify trends and use our marketing platform to customize our ready-made marketing materials and more

Regular ongoing live sessions with myself and my team of teacher trainers online for you to interact and learn and ongoing yoga teaching and business support

Over 60 step by step prewritten YogaBellies class plans and also YogaBellies teacher training handbooks, handouts, templates and slideshows

Access to the 50-hour birth rocks online mentor training making you a qualified childbirth educator also - teach parents and couples and help prepare for birth

Complete Business Goddess Training with templates to get started with your own YogaBellies franchise business. Additional resources in the form of our extensive online community and franchise support managers and resources

"The number one thing for me is the sisterhood of support- self-employment does not have to be lonely! Also, the power of the brand and marketing behind you and the fact that there is always something new to build and add to your business- whether it is new classes, a new territory, or employing a teacher there really is always room for growth.

I have learned and changed so much over my 5 years as a YogaBellies teacher. My teaching has evolved and changed, I have had two pregnancies and short maternity leaves, I have completed new courses and opened my own studio! So much has happened! The studio is very new so I am back at the start of another steep learning curve but I am loving it and I have the support of the other teachers and HQ behind me as always."

Annie Perry, CYT Lanarkshire. Scotland 


How long does the YogaBellies for Women Teacher Training course take?

You can start to teach directly after the live training or on approved completion of online training. You have as long as you need to complete the coursework, but please note that you must continue to pay your license fee to continue and complete your training.

Some people complete in 5 months, others take 12, which is our maximum. It is possible to complete the course in less time; it entirely depends upon your personal circumstances, the amount of time you have available to study and your work and family commitments.  We find that most students are able to complete the course steadily in the allocated timeframe with approximately 5 hours of study per week, but many students are able to complete the course more rapidly if they have additional time to devote to study.  

What about teaching practice and observation?

We also recommend that all students observe and assist in a class where possible but we provide access to 30 videos of different YogaBellies teachers teaching our classes so you can observe and learn. We provide guidance on how to do this.  We are happy to observe and assess one of your own classes via video.

Will I make my money back?

Our franchise package represents amazing value for your investment and a truly affordable route to becoming a YogaBellies Teacher. We understand that this requires an investment from you and we want to ensure that you receive value and can recoup this investment from your YogaBellies Classes.  

Our franchise programme is carefully designed to give you the knowledge you need to start teaching your classes soon after completing the course. You will be provided with all the marketing and promotional material templates you need to advertise and fill your classes as part of the package.  

Womens’, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Baby Yoga and Massage are specialist classes in great demand so you can expect to earn more than from general yoga. When teaching our boutique YogaBellies classes, you can expect to charge higher than average for your class bookings.   

I am a Midwife, Doula, personal trainer, or fitness professional – can I enroll?

Midwives are particularly welcome, as they have so much to offer women. Fitness professionals are welcome. Many Physical Training Instructors have fertility students, pregnant or postnatal ladies as clients and would benefit from some specialist tuition in how to support their specialist requirements.

Training in women’s pregnancy or postnatal yoga will add a highly marketable skill to your teaching repertoire. If you already have a committed yoga practice and have been attending classes for at least 12 months, you are automatically eligible for enrolment on the course. If you have less yoga experience then we would encourage you to contact us before enrolling.

When can I start to teach classes?

You can start to practice as a trainee teacher whenever you feel comfortable and you are ready to do so.

Can I purchase a franchise when I’m pregnant or just had a baby?  

Definitely! Many of our franchisees enroll in the programme during or just after pregnancy and find it’s the perfect time to study how to teach women's’ yoga. After having a baby, some ladies find that they reconsider their career options.

Teaching YogaBellies offers a flexible and rewarding career which is possible to fit around other work and family commitments.  It's not impossible to study with a new baby; it simply requires a little organization and a whole lot of love.

What assignments do I need to submit?

In order to successfully complete the course, you will need to submit a written assignment and complete a module quiz for each to ensure you have understood the training information.  You are given clear guidance for submission plus our marking criteria as part of the course materials.  There will also be teaching practice and class observations to be undertaken.

I'm not a Yoga Teacher and I don’t have much Yoga experience — can I enroll?

We believe that an interest in yoga is more important than hours of experience on a yoga mat. If you've always wanted to teach yoga for women but you don't have much experience then we encourage you to contact us before enrolling, just drop us a line and we can chat more. We can then speak to you in person to assess your suitability for the course.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We also offer a finance option. Please contact

I’ve never had a baby — can I enroll?

Definitely! All we require from you is a keen interest in yoga and a passion for passing this on to female students, pregnant or postnatal ladies, and their babies.

Who else is suitable to take our course?

Completion of a 250-hour yoga teacher training program or its equivalent prior to taking this course is not a prerequisite as we understand that many of our students are only interested in learning to teach Women’s’, Pregnancy or Postnatal / Mum & Baby Yoga. This course was originally designed to be taught as a live 250-hour YTT, so you will get a LOT of extra information and guidance should you need it. It is open to women from all walks of life, NOT just yoga teachers.

How is a franchise different from a yoga teacher training?

We have put our heart and soul into this programme and we have used the content to successfully train and nurture hundreds of YogaBellies franchisees across the world. We don't abandon you after training and we work with you 121 to set up, launch and grow your business ongoing. We team our extensive yoga knowledge with practical, ethical business knowledge to provide you with all of marketing, systems and know-how you need - so that you can get on with teaching yoga and growing your business!