Katieanne Duncan-Bruce

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  • 80 Reviews on “Katieanne Duncan-Bruce”

      9 months ago

      Katie’s postnatal group is the first I have been to as a new mum. I was running late and I was anxious about waking into a new class late. Katie made me feel so welcome and reassured me. The group has not only helped me bond with a baby in a way I would not have done at home but also given me a chance to speak with other mums and allow my baby to interact with others which is amazing to see. My baby loves the sensory thing such as the lights, colourful blankets and scarves and the music.

    • Lauren Walker
      9 months ago

      I’ve just finished a block of yogabellies with Katie and have loved it! Being in my third trimester I’ve had back, hip and pelvic pain and doing the yoga has really helped. I’ve also found stretches I like and can do at home to ease some of the pain. Katie is so welcoming and knowledgable and makes you feel comfortable straight away. Would recommend the classes to any pregnant mum looking for some chilled me time before baby arrives. Thank you Katie!

    • Natasha Mitchell
      9 months ago

      I have been attending Katie’s yoga for pregnancy class. I am absolutely loving it, so much so I have booked for the next block too!
      Katie is so lovely and welcoming. Her passion for what she does shines through. I love how she listens to how everyone is feeling and tailors the class to suit.
      The classes make you feel so calm and relaxed! I always have the best night sleep afterwards too!
      Can’t recommend enough🤍

    • Courtney Milton
      9 months ago

      I’m really enjoying attending Katie’s pregnancy class. It’s my first time doing yoga and I’m loving it!
      It’s been so good to do some form of exercise this pregnancy and I’ve been finding some of the stretches and breathing techniques really helpful.
      Katie is very welcoming and always asks how we’re feeling or if there’s anything we’d like to focus on each session. I’ll definitely be booking in for the next block 😀

    • Claire McGregor
      9 months ago

      Definitely would recommend YogaBellies with Katie, I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga and wish I had joined before my third trimester. Katie is very welcoming and creates a relaxed session focusing on the needs of the class. It was great to have the option to join online if you couldn’t attend in person, but I would recommend attending face to face as I felt I got more from the session, setting aside the time to focus, being more relaxed away from the demands of home.🤍💜

      9 months ago

      I attended Katie’s Yogabellies classes during my 3rd trimester and it was the best activity I did for me. I was suffering from lower back pain and Katie’s yoga classes definitely helped me overcome the daily struggle of dealing with back pain while pregnant. I learned different stretches I could do throughout the week that helped reduce the pain, especially before sleeping. Everyone who attended yoga were exceptionally friendly and supportive. Katie really gets to know us all individually and made me feel welcome.

      10 months ago

      Katie’s postnatal group is the first I have been to as a new mum. I was running late and I was anxious about waking into a new class late. Katie made me feel so welcome and reassured me.

      The group has not only helped me bond with a baby in a way I would not have done at home but also given me a chance to speak with other mums and allow my baby to interact with others which is amazing to see. My baby loves the sensory thing such as the lights, colourful blankets and scarves and the music.

    • Laura Costello
      10 months ago

      Would highly recommend Katie’s classes. They are so relaxed and calming and Katie makes you feel at ease from the very beginning. Time just dissappears. The classes are well structured and delivered with clear instructions whilst taking into account the needs and abilities of all who attend. They have really helped me bond with my baby and improved my mental health postnatally. I have taken alot away from these classes for myself and my baby which we continue to incorporate into our daily activities. A wonderful experience.

    • Vicky Campbell
      11 months ago

      I joined Katie’s yogabellies class during my second and into my third trimester and loved it! Katie is so warm and welcoming and provides so much knowledge and support to everyone who attends ☺️ I’ve learned different ways to cope with pregnancy and birth related anxieties and would highly recommend Katie’s classes ❤️

    • Susan Birse
      1 year ago

      I can highly recommend prenatal yoga classes with Katie. She creates a welcoming, calm space which is important to me as my job can be highly stressful.
      I feel confident knowing that everything Katie teaches is benefitting baby and me. I can tell that the breathing techniques we practise will be really useful during labour and this helps impart a sense of calm about the whole process. These stretching techniques are adapted to how our wee baby is growing and what we can manage, and, the stretching techniques have really helped my back pain as well.
      I love this class and have signed up for another block and look forward to joining the post natal yogabellies once our wee bean is born, I would highly recommend this class 👌

    • Rebekah Geddes
      1 year ago

      I started Yogabellies during my second trimester and I loved it so much I booked my second block straight away. Katie is so knowledgeable and will alter sessions depending on what we would like (mainly guided by our aches and pains that week). The classes are very relaxed and Katie puts everyone at ease. It’s the one thing I look forward to every week that is solely designed for me and my growing baby. After having my first during lockdown and receiving no ante natal classes, Katie’s yogabellies class is extra special.

    • Ashley Robson
      1 year ago

      I had gotten to know Katie through our mutual jobs and hearing her talk so passionately about yoga inspired me to join some Luna classes and I’m so glad I did! Katie is warm and welcoming and makes the classes so fun and easy, even for total yoga beginners like myself! I’ve left each class feeling relaxed, refreshed and clear minded, exactly what my busy life needs!
      Highly recommend!

    • Tini van Luijtelaar
      1 year ago

      Katie knows how to create a warm atmosphere and encourages sharing experiences and peer support. Gentle exercises and breathing techniques with lots of alternative options to accommodate bump and personal preferences.

    • Alice Appleby
      1 year ago

      Just an amazing set of Classes! Kate was so warm and welcoming and it was such a great environment to be to able to meet other women in the same situation. Kate herself was so welcoming and friendly and was great to talk to. Can’t recommend enough.

      1 year ago

      I can’t recommend Katie’s pregnancy yoga bellies classes enough! She is a fountain of knowledge and creates a warm, welcoming and calm environment for you to connect with your little (or not so little) bump! These gentle paced yoga sessions have been such a help during the latter stages of my pregnancy helping to deal with the aches and physical stresses of growing a tiny human and the small group dynamic is perfect for sharing all the psychological pressures that we all put on ourselves. I wish I’d signed up sooner!

    • Alison Shand
      1 year ago

      I really enjoyed the mum and baby yoga class. It was lovely relaxing bonding time with my baby and Katie made us feel so welcome and gives great instructions. Would highly recommend.

    • Demi Taylor
      1 year ago

      Just finished a block of the pregnancy yoga classes with Katie. I highly recommend to anyone to give it a go, I learned loads of useful breathing tips and stretches etc to use throughout pregnancy and for when going into labour. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere and nice to get some “me time” after a hectic day. Its a great opportunity to meet other mums to be and everyone is so welcoming. Katie being a mum herself shared lots of useful advice too and was a lovely experienced instructor, thank you 🙂

    • Samantha Sutherland
      1 year ago

      Absolutely loved the mum and baby yoga, Katie is great and so easy going. The class is relaxed and great to meet other mums whilst doing some yoga for both myself and my baby, gutted that this is the last week!

    • Kirsten Farquhar
      1 year ago

      I’ve just finished a block of pregnancy yoga with Katie and it was excellent! I joined this class online as I live quite far away from the class location. This was a great way for me to be able to do the yoga in the comfort of my own home. Katie was always so attentive and made me feel at such ease during the classes. Thank you. Looking forward to joining the baby classes xx

    • Kelly Stewart
      1 year ago

      “I attended the pregnancy yoga class from around 15 weeks until my due date and I cannot recommend this class enough ❤. I was initially nervous about joining a new group and meeting new people but within 5 minutes of being in my first class I felt so welcome, Katie and the other ladies attending the class were so lovely. Not only do you learn yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation exercises but you have a safe and non judgement space where you can speak about pregnancy with other ladies and feel like you are not alone, which as a first time mum, this was amazing 😊 The yoga movements helped with various pregnancy symptoms and both the movements and breathing/relaxation exercises came in handy during labour too! I would 100% recommend the pregnancy class to pregnant women!”

    • Lauren Innes
      1 year ago

      I attended the nurture class with my baby boy and we both loved it. Katie is so knowledgeable and has a calming and relaxed energy for her classes. We loved the baby and the self massage and it was lovely to meet other mums too. Definitely recommend to anyone.

    • Camilla Anderson
      2 years ago

      “Amazing classes, highly recommend to meet new mums and get some great advice from Katie.”

    • Chloe Woods
      2 years ago

      I attended classes with my baby boy Ethan. We were both made to feel very welcome and Katie always made it a lovely calm Easygoing atmosphere, We enjoyed every session with Katie and I feel I always came out of class with a very chilled out baby. I also made new mum friends through going to the classes which is always nice too! I would highly recommend the classes to any mums out there!

    • Nicola Scott
      2 years ago

      “Paige and I are just finishing our block of Nurture, we both have thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to any new mum. I’ve learned lots of massage techniques to help settle Paige when her colic plays up and the massage has been introduced into her daily routine. This being our first ever baby class I was nervous about joining but from day one Katie has been very welcoming, she doesn’t mind if you’re running late or if your baby is unsettled. Katie always has the hall nice and cosy, and has it set up with twinkling lights for everyone arriving. As a first time mum, this class has provided me with the perfect first opportunity for socialising with my baby, I’ve loved meeting all the other mums and babies. Thanks Katie you’ve been a star ⭐️”

      2 years ago

      “Highly recommend Katies mum and baby yoga classes, she makes you feel so welcome as you walk through the door, like she has known you for years! which is fab if your a nervous person like myself attending a class. Katie’s class was one of my first classes since having my little boy Dalton, and im so glad it was! the confidence i left the class with was great, i felt like i could take Dalton anywhere now! so not only is the class a great way to bond with your little one & meet other lovely mums and babies, the benefits go further than the class itself! “❤️

      2 years ago

      I was so happy to join Katie’s yoga classes whilst pregnant with my second baby. It was so nice to spend time each week that was just for us, both locally and with a fantastic teacher. Katie was so thoughtful and tailored sessions to our needs and energy levels on the day. It was nice to meet other expecting mums and to ‘graduate’ into the baby classes once our little bundles arrived. We’re currently enjoying the ‘Nurture’ class which is very peaceful and relaxing, but with practical massage techniques for baby. Couldn’t recommend Katie more, a knowledgeable, caring and passionate teacher and lovely person 🥰

      2 years ago

      “I absolutely love yogabellies Moray with Katie. I started going at 14 weeks, I was anxious but was made to feel so welcome. It’s such a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling and then learn how to help relax during pregnancy.”

      2 years ago

      “I have really enjoyed Katie’s Yogabellies class for Mum & Baby. Learning yoga to benefit me and my baby has been great, however this is only possible due to the lovely atmosphere that Katie creates. The class is very chilled and relaxed and this is very much down to Katie and her warm presentation style. As a first time mum going to classes, you are worried about your baby being unsettled and causing a disruption. However, Katie is very understanding and very supportive of the needs of you and your baby and doesn’t make you feel bad if your baby is unsettled. For me, this really helps me get the most out of the class and spend some quality time with my baby. Thanks Katie x”

      2 years ago

      “Loved the Luna class was totally what I needed so more chilled and relaxed and sleeping better. Highly recommended thank you Katie roll on next class.”

      2 years ago

      “Esmé and I absolutely love Katie’s post natal class. I honestly couldn’t imagine recovering from a c section without it. Her class has helped me feel like myself again, building both muscle and confidence in being able to pick up and carry Esmé after her birth. I’ve also met some lovely mums in the local area who have shared invaluable advice! Esmé loves the lights, massage and songs – she’s usually asleep by the end of the session!! Her post natal class is an absolute must!”

    • luna client age 60
      2 years ago

      Walking into Katie’s Luna Yoga Class is an amazing experience. Katie is very welcoming and professional and puts everyone at ease. She explains the yoga moves in detail with different options leaving you to decide which suits your body best. The breathing exercises help calm your mind and relax your body. You have this ‘special hour’ to completely focus on yourself without feeling guilty!!

      This has been my first experience of meditation which has been wonderful. Katie takes us on a different journey each week helping me to clear my mind, feel relaxed and ready for the week ahead. I would thoroughly recommend coming along – Be kind to yourself and give it a try. 🙂

      2 years ago

      “Since having my baby, I have suffered from severe anxiety and worried about leaving the house. I struggle to go to new groups and worry about small things when leaving the house. I saw the photos of Katies’ …..class at…..and really fancied it but I was terrified I wouldn’t fit in or I’d embarrass myself. I knew I had to make a change for me and for my baby’s sake so I signed up – but secretly I was dreading it. Well I didn’t need to! I arrived late and I’d had a terrible morning, baby was screaming and I almost didn’t go in the door. However Katie greeted me there and helped me in with my pram. She was so kind and nothing was a problem, she made me feel at ease and supported me with my baby till I got settled. I actually got emotional in the class once I felt at ease as it was a relief for me. Katie is someone you feel like you have known for years, even if you meet her for the first time. I didn’t feel pressured to join in and I needed to feed my baby and I actually felt relaxed enough to do so. I have a long way to go with my self confidence but Katie has given me a step in the right direction. I will always remember this milestone. Thank You Katie x

      2 years ago

      I have never done a block of yoga before although I have done taster sessions. Luna with Katie is amazing. I suffer from hip, knee and back issues and always feel so much better when I leave. She constantly shows adaptations so everybody is working at their own level. She is very calm and encouraging in her manner throughout the class. Towards the end of the class Katie leads you through meditation which is amazing. All your tension and stresses just melt away. I always leave wanting more….

    • Sharon Henderson
      2 years ago

      Highly recommend Katie and her classes! I attend the Mum & Baby and always look forward to it. Really focused on moves for both of you. The set up in the dark is beautiful too with plenty of lights to keep the wee one occupied!

      2 years ago

      “I have recently been attending Katie’s Luna class and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I was a little apprehensive at first as I have never practised any style of yoga before, however Katie quickly put us all at ease and I felt comfortable from the very start. You go at your own pace and there is no pressure to go beyond your limits. I always leave feeling very relaxed and I have noticed a difference in my flexibility already. I’m looking forward to booking the next block ”

    • Kelly Dawson
      2 years ago

      I have really enjoyed going to the Luna yoga so far. It has really helped me with pain in my hip and really looking forward to hopefully joining in the next block if done again.

    • Hannah Mitchell
      2 years ago

      I have been attending Katie’s Nurture with massage class in Elgin with my little boy who is now 5 months old! Katie’s class on a Monday has been the highlight of our week!
      It’s been so great to meet other mums and babies and Katie makes the class so welcoming and relaxed! She completely understands what it’s like having a small baby and doesn’t worry if they’re upset, need their bottle or a nap!!
      We’ve enjoyed the class so much we are about to book the next block of Nurture classes!
      Would absolutely recommend this class to anyone! Matthew slept like a dream after the first massage class!

    • Erin Wood
      2 years ago

      I’ve been doing my first ever block of yoga. Luna is a beautiful welcoming class the best way to spend a Wednesday morning with a whole hour to myself! It’s an amazing class and Katie is so professional and knowledgeable about the flow of different poses. The meditation at the end is so relaxing and an added bonus. I would highly recommend Katie’s Luna class to anyone – she takes care of your mind and body.

    • Katie Drysdale
      2 years ago

      I cannot recommend Katie’s yogabellies for pregnancy class enough. This is my second pregnancy and it’s definitely been tough. I haven’t had much found time for myself and for bonding with the baby. Katie is so welcoming and the atmosphere is great. The class definitely helped me through a tough pregnancy especially in times I felt particularly low. I’ve met some amazing friends and we are like a family. Katie’s classes have definitely blown my expectations and I can’t wait to start the nurture class. Thanks Katie x

    • Kelly Buchan
      2 years ago

      After a difficult start to pregnancy this time round, I began attending Katie’s classes at around 18 weeks with the idea of having a gentle, relaxing slot of time carved out for just me each week. The class delivers this and more – safe movement, breathing techniques and meditation, and Katie creates such an open and relaxing environment for it all. The support of the whole group is amazing – so nice to meet other Mummy’s – and Katie is so qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of pregnancy yoga and can adapt the moves to suit your needs.

    • Laura Grant
      2 years ago

      I’ve been going to yoga for Pregancy in Elgin for a weeks now and I love it. So much so that I plan on booking the next block. I was a bit nervous at first as I’m very much a beginner but Katie put me at ease straight away and I felt I could do as little or as much as I wanted. The group is very friendly and also quite small which is great. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

    • Rachel Ross
      2 years ago

      I have recently completed my first block of yoga for mum and babies. I wanted to do this class as a way to reintroduce exercise after the birth of my third son via c section. It’s been a great class! Katie has been extremely welcoming, very informative and engaging through the sessions. The class has a very calm atmosphere where no one minds if baby is fussing or you can’t quite manage the yoga pose. It’s given me the opportunity to meet other new mums. However, mostly it’s given me a slice of calm each week to destress and spend some quality time with my boy- whilst regaining some of that lost core strength! I look forward to rejoining after the summer.

    • Amanda Morrison
      2 years ago

      I would 100% recommend yogabellies with Katie. Relaxation and multiple Benefits such as aiding your mental and psychical well being are achieved for both mum and baby. I always come out of Katie’s class feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. Your little ones will get plenty interaction with the option to hold them while doing different yoga positions and with songs stretches and movement that focus on them . It’s lovely to have a catch up with all the other mums every week at the end of each session with a cup of tea/coffee and some fruit or a biscuit. As an instructor Katie truly cares about her clients and is very passionate about her work.

    • Chelsea Walton
      2 years ago

      I’m attending Yogabellies pregnancy classes and I’d recommend them to anyone that’s expecting. Katie is so lovely and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels comfortable.
      I’ve never attended yoga before and was nervous to start but Katie explains everything step by step and really put me at ease straight away.
      Thank you 🤍

    • Chloe Cormack
      2 years ago

      Just finished my first block of pregnancy yoga and looking forward to starting my next. I was a bit nervous to start as I am a complete beginner when it comes to yoga. Katie and the other girls were so welcoming and friendly that it put me at ease straight away. The class has a lovely atmosphere and it’s so nice to meet with other Mums who may be experiencing similar things 💕 I always come away feeling super relaxed and get a good nights sleep which is bonus! Highly recommend Katie’s classes x

    • Stacey Ferguson
      2 years ago

      I would 100 % recommend Katie’s yoga bellies classes. With being a first time mum to be and feeling quite lonely it’s so nice to join a class where you can talk about how eachother are getting on each week without any judgements. Katie’s class has helped massively with my lower back pain and she always caters to what everyone’s needing each week. Always so relaxing and a calm atmosphere too!

      2 years ago

      We have been attending Yogabellies for Mum and baby with Katie for a few weeks now. Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. The class is really relaxed and Katie makes it really easy to follow. We can’t wait to get back after the summer break

    • Cherie Robertson
      2 years ago

      We have been going to nurture/baby massage in Elgin. The minute you walk in Katie is very welcoming and makes you feel part of the group straight away. It’s a very relaxing group lovely mums. It’s a lovely atmosphere for you and the baby and you get to have that one on one time with them. You also get to talk to the other mums and have a very nice cup of tea at the end of the class.I would highly recommend Katie. ☺️x

    • Dorothy Reid
      2 years ago

      I attended Baby Nurture classes in Elgin with my now 5 month old son. I was very anxious going to a mum and baby group but Katie made the experience very welcoming and I was instantly at ease. We very much looked forward to our weekly sessions just gutted we can’t go all the time. I will definitely be looking out for classes with Katie in the future.
      I loved the extra bonding time with my baby who also loved the massages. He fell asleep first class during the meditation at the end so he was definitely relaxed. Sharing stories with other mums was great too. Thank you so much Katie. We will be back.

    • Nicola Cunningham
      2 years ago

      I had such an amazing time at the Nurture class with my newborn Rocco. Katie created such a calming and safe space to come to, and it really made the class so enjoyable especially with a baby just weeks old. The Nurture class gave me the opportunity to spend one to one time with Rocco whilst also allowing me to meet other new mums and have some ‘me time’. I would highly recommend the class.

    • Heather Moir
      2 years ago

      Milly & I absolutely loved Katie’s mum and baby yoga! Every week we both felt so relaxed… with one of us usually falling asleep within 5 minutes of the class starting 😂 Katie is amazing, full of knowledge and happy to adjust the class to suit the mums.. always asking if there were any particular areas we wanted to focus on during the session. They sessions were also great for meeting and chatting to other mums, which as a new mum is so important and invaluable 💕 I would absolutely recommend Katies mum and baby yoga to any new mum 🌸

    • Lindsay Greig
      2 years ago

      Would highly recommend Yogabellies with Katie. I’ve been attending the pregnancy classes and absolutely love it! Katie provides a calming and relaxed atmosphere and has such a wealth of knowledge to help with any issues/aches and pains. It’s clear how passionate Katie is about her practice and helping others, it’s a great place to chat to other mums/mums to be and share how you are feeling. I’ve gotten so much from the class, always sleep great afterwards and feel so relaxed. Thank you Katie 🙏

    • Sharon Innes
      2 years ago

      This is the first time I have ever done yoga, so I was hesitant for my first class however I had nothing to worry about. I have totally loved my Luna classes.
      Every week has been different and I’ve learned something new about my own body too. I like how Katie can develop a movement so everyone in the class can take part to a level they are comfortable with or to push it to another level.
      I particularly love the meditation at the end of the class. Every week I leave feeling totally relaxed, well stretched and ready for the day ahead. I will definitely be signing up for the next block.

    • Ashleigh Murray
      2 years ago

      My 4 month old daughter and I have just completed our first block of Nurture classes with Katie and loved every session! The class is so relaxed and friendly and Katie is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I have learned many new techniques which I have been able to put into practice at home whilst enjoying the bonding time with my baby. She is always really calm after class and sleeps soundly whilst I feel rejuvenated! I highly recommend this class and will be continuing with the postnatal YogaBellies with Katie sessions.

    • Katie Cowie
      2 years ago

      Loved the Luna class. Come away feeling relaxed and de stressed
      Not only this but katie has given me moves to help with period pain and general relaxing tips during that time of the month
      Would totally recommend for all ages and abilities

    • Kelly Bowie
      2 years ago

      “I recently attended a block of classes with my little girl and we both absolutely loved them was my favourite time on a Monday. The classes were amazing and so chilled. I always left the class feeling like I was floating on a cloud my little girl was so chilled too which was great. Katie is also amazing, nothing is a hassle for her, she was so welcoming and friendly and was always on hand to answer any messages or questions I had. Would definitely recommend these classes for any mamas and baby’s X

    • Laura Elliot
      2 years ago

      Katie’s nurture class is a great session that supports both mum and baby. We have really enjoyed our block and learned loads of massage techniques to take away and do at home. Katie sets up the class with lovely twinkly lights and sensory objects etc. which really captures my wee one’s attention. It’s been a great group of ladies and Katie has been fab at creating a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for everyone. Would recommend the class to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to rebook or try another of Katie’s classes. Thank you!

    • Karen Orr
      2 years ago

      I attended the nurture workshop with my 6 week old baby. I found the class to be friendly and inviting with a very relaxed atmosphere. I was taught some breathing techniques to help me relax and was shown how to give my baby a massage. My baby became a bit unsettled half way through his massage however I felt comfortable enough to stop and comfort him with a breast feed. The only thing I would suggest changing is having an information/instruction leaflet about how to do the massage as I forgot how to do some of the manoeuvres when I tried it at home. Overall I found the class was beneficial to myself and my baby, its given me some methods to help us relax and bond and I would definitely recommend it.

    • Zoey
      2 years ago

      I really enjoyed attending Katie’s pregnancy classes. Katie adapted the classes to suit our abilities and needs and I particularly enjoyed learning the relaxation and breathing techniques. Arran is settling in well and we’re making the most of tiny baby cuddles!

      2 years ago

      “I’ve been going to the Yogabellies mum and baby class for a few weeks now and I could not recommend more highly. I’ve practised yoga for a long time, through two pregnancies and a previous postnatal and baby class and I can say with certainty, there’s something extra special about Katie’s classes.

      I have been experiencing post partum abdominal pain, and through the wealth of Katie’s knowledge, I was steered in the direction of a potential cause. With a diagnosis of diastasis recti which I discussed with my GP, Katie has now given me a number of yoga exercises and breathing exercises which has massively helped to alleviate the pain. I certainly have further to go, but I feel so much happier knowing what is causing this pain and motivated by the quick results.

      It’s been wonderful to share this precious time and to introduce yoga to my daughter. It’s also great to meet other local mums.

      Katie’s knowledge and personal journey make her classes so much more than I expected. Her energy and enthusiasm are wonderful and we look forward to our classes each week.“

    • Caitlin Bain
      2 years ago

      I cannot recommend Yogabellies with Katie enough. Since starting this class I have felt so relaxed and calm during my pregnancy. It is so lovely to meet new mums in the class, speaking openly about how we feel week to week, as well as giving each other advice and help which is so beneficial, especially with being a first time mum. Katie is so patient and accommodating to your individual needs. You can tell Katie is so passionate about her job. I look forward to joining more classes with my baby when it arrives 🤍

    • Michelle Inglis
      2 years ago

      I would fully recommend Nuture classes as these classes are so special and unique as they focus on recovery for the mum after birth and also relaxation and massage with baby; which is so important for bonding and recovery. It’s so refreshing to have a class where baby and mum share focus and are taken care of equally as you learn the art of baby massage but also massage and relaxation/breathing techniques to help mum recuperate which i know for a fact will be invaluable to me both mentally and physically as a first time mumma. Katie is super friendly and classes are relaxed where you are welcomed in with open arms in such a peaceful environment. I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with my baby throughout these classes and through mum and baby yoga classes Katie also teaches. Thank you Katie for your help and support so far.

    • Michelle
      2 years ago

      I would fully recommend Nuture classes as these classes are so special and unique as they focus on recovery for the mum after birth and also relaxation and massage with baby; which is so important for bonding and recovery. It’s so refreshing to have a class where baby and mum share focus and are taken care of equally as you learn the art of baby massage but also massage and relaxation/breathing techniques to help mum recuperate which i know for a fact will be invaluable to me both mentally and physically as a first time mumma. Katie is super friendly and classes are relaxed where you are welcomed in with open arms in such a peaceful environment. I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with my baby throughout these classes and through mum and baby yoga classes Katie also teaches. Thank you Katie for your help and support so far.

    • Krystel Fleming
      2 years ago

      Yogabellies is a great way for you & your baby to relax and have some bonding time. Was great learning how to do proper massage techniques on my baby. Katie is lovey and really good at what she does. Was a great wee class 🥰xx

    • Faye
      2 years ago

      I have absolutely loved my Yogabellies class with Katie. So relaxing and a great way to meet other mummy’s. I would highly recommend 🙂

    • Rachel Turner
      2 years ago

      I have throughly enjoyed the nurture classes! I have learnt lots of tips and tricks to help Jack with teething and colic ect.. through massage. Katie is brilliant at creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere and I’m looking forward to trying out the other classes Katie has available.

    • Nicola Robertson
      2 years ago

      YogaBellies for Pregnancy provides a place to exercise, relax and meet other mums to be; all of which are important in pregnancy. The class is really welcoming. Katie is an attentive teacher and provides the class with alternative exercises or suggesting props you can use to ensure your comfort and safety. All exercises are done at your own pace. I’d definitely recommend this class to others. I look forward to Katie’s postnatal classes once baby is here.

    • Eilidh
      2 years ago

      I can’t recommend Katie’s yoga bellies for pregnancy class enough, it couldn’t have came at a better time for me. Being my second pregnancy I have struggled to find time for myself and to connect to this pregnancy the same way I did with my first. Katie’s class has allowed me that time once a week to reflect on myself and my new baby while also learning new techniques to take into my birth experience this time around.

    • Rachael Campbell
      2 years ago

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Yogabellies Pregnancy Class with Katie. Being a first time mum, I’m completely new to the emotions and feelings during pregnancy but Katie has massively reduced these. She is so welcoming and made me feel much more relaxed. Furthermore, meeting other mummies-to-be has been a great help! Would highly recommend the classes to any mummy-to-be, whether it’s their first baby or not!

    • Sarah Newton
      2 years ago

      Really enjoying Katie’s pregnancy yoga classes so far. There is such a lovely, calm atmosphere in the room and you can tell Katie is passionate about helping you get the best from her classes. She always takes into account how we are feeling and tailors the class towards our needs, never pushing anyone beyond their limits. Looking forward to trying the mum and baby classes afterwards too!

    • Caitlin Still
      2 years ago

      Being part of Katie’s Pregnancy Yoga class has been fab.
      Such a calm and relaxing class and Katie has been so good at moulding the class to fit each of our needs.
      The yoga has really helped me through my pregnancy and coupled with meeting lots of other new folk it’s been such a positive experience. Would highly recommend Katie and the YogaBellies for Pregnancy.

    • Kaysley M 2 years ago

      Lovely relaxing class, Katie makes you feel so at ease and is very welcoming. I love learning new things each week as each week is different. My daughter loves coming to class and is very relaxed during and after class. She sleeps after every class so well. Highly recommend Yogabellies with Katie

    • Ellen
      2 years ago

      Going to Katie’s “Nurture” class with my little boy is such a lovely experience. She does a great job of creating a welcoming and relaxing environment, where there is no pressure to be the “perfect mum”. It’s a great way to bond with my little one, he is always so relaxed when we are there, and naps so well after his massages!

    • Billie Cowie
      2 years ago

      We are loving the nurture class with Katie. She is a fab teacher and creates a lovely positive environment for all the new mums and babies. Cant wait to try out more of her classes in the future. Would highly recommend.

    • Billie Cowie
      2 years ago

      We are loving the nurture class with Katie. She is a fab teacher and creates a lovely positive environment for all the new mums and babies. Cant wait to try out more of her classes in the future. Would highly recommend.

    • Billir
      2 years ago

      We are loving the nurture class with Katie. She is a fab teacher and creates a lovely positive environment for all the new mums and babies. Cant wait to try out more of her classes in the future. Would highly recommend.

    • Rachel
      2 years ago

      Really enjoying Katie’s nurture class with baby massage, Katie is super friendly and understanding if you are running late or baby is a bit grumpy, she offers good advice and techniques for mum and baby, the class is well worth the money to have a bit of you time and to get out of house with baby, you also get a chance to meet other mums have a tea and chat

    • Billie
      2 years ago

      Loving the nurture class with Katie! She is such a fab teacher and creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere in the class. Look forward to trying more classes with her in the future! Would highly recommend xxx

    • Ruth Watt 2 years ago

      Really enjoying the class and so does my 3 month old daughter. It’s a chance to develop a stronger bond with her and the massage element helps relax and sooth both my daughter and I. Katie is so friendly and makes everyone feel at ease even when the babies are unsettled. Highly recommend the nurture class.

    • Melissa
      2 years ago

      We have really enjoyed Yogabellies so far. Katie is great at making the class feel relaxed. We have particularly enjoyed the baby massage and the laid back vibes. We always leave the session feeling positive for the rest of the day xx

    • Daria
      2 years ago

      Lovely atmosphere, fantastic classes. Together with my daughter we love it xx

    • Daria
      2 years ago

      Fantasic classes, amazing atmosphere. Together with my daughter we love to spend time there

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