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YogaBellies® is here for women at every single pivotal time in their lives.

To offer a safe and beautiful place where you can embrace, love and heal your body and mind. Hormone-balancing; cyclical-living, yoga and wellness for women.

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Stuck at home because of Covid19?

YogaBellies are now offering classes AND yoga teacher training via LiveStreaming.

We're also back in live studio classes, in many locations! Details are available in the class directory here.

Why Yogabellies®? What makes us different?

YogaBellies is a global village of women supporting women. We all need our tribe to support us through the life stages: From menstruation, through pregnancy and post-partum with baby and then on through the stages of menopause...

We work with women at every stage using therapeutic feminine yoga practices; community and a whole lot of humility.

YogaBellies women want to move, eat right, get some sleep, socialize, look after their family, see their friends and show themselves a little bit of love... through developing their yoga practice.

We’re trying to juggle everything life throws at us, but still retain our sanity and find a little bit of time for some self-care. This is YogaBellies.

All women are welcome regardless of your size, colour, religious beliefs, sexuality or anything else that makes you you: YOU are welcome at YogaBellies.

What is Yogabellies® school? 

YogaBellies School is accredited by Yoga Alliance International and provides specialist yoga teacher training courses focusing on the female life cycle, from menstruation, through pregnancy and post-partum with baby to post-menopausal.

We offer foundational 200 and 300-hour YTT courses as well as 'add-on' 50-Hour YT training in all of the female life stages.

YogaBellies Teachers love all things woman and sacred feminine. They are highly experienced in their field and true experts in women's yoga and wellness. They are welcoming and love supporting women through our unique yoga practices and community.

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Yogabellies® is for everybody and every body.

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YogaBellies are offering comprehensive and accreduited women's yoga teacher training online and in-person.

A note from our founder...

Hi there!

I’m Cheryl I am a Yoga Elder, therapist, mother, wife, author and award-winning business owner. I have been practising yoga for 25 years and have trained extensively in yoga for women, holistic therapies, birth education, hypnosis and traditional female wellness practices.

My main work is training other women to become masterful, inclusive and powerful YogaBellies teachers. I’ve trained hundreds of YogaBellies® Teachers and birth mentors over the past 12 years. My skills and experience combined with my absolute adoration of all things yoga and feminine and the belief that anyone can practice yoga, are the essence of YogaBellies®.

You can read more about my story and what makes me tick here:


Live your best life NOW with our...

3-day best-self challenge

This Challenge is the quick and easy way to kick off that healthy lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself and reset those crazy hormones! It’s going to make you feel lighter, give you more energy and it’s the perfect accompaniment for your YogaBellies practice too, whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned mat-treader.

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Psst...Did you know we have a podcast?

We have a weekly podcast hosted by Cheryl MacDonald (YogaBellies® founder) that covers a HUGE range of topics including yoga (obviously), women’s health and sexuality, pregnancy, babies, parenting, meditations and general wellness. Did you know you can learn and practice exclusive YogaBellies® techniques while doing the school run? How awesome is that? It’s available on all good podcast apps.

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