A feminine yoga practice that's SO much more than stretching.


YogaBellies was created especially for women as a way of practising yoga that works for women, not against our natural cycles.

Whether you're menstruating, pregnant, postpartum, or way past menopause, YogaBellies is perfect for you.

Established in 2007 by Yoga Master Cheryl MacDonald, YogaBellies® has taught over 10,000 women in the UK alone and trained hundreds of Yoga Teachers and Birth Mentors across the globe.

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Want to become a YogaBellies Teacher?

YogaBellies EMPOWER™ is our unique yoga teacher training and personal empowerment programme.

It's for all women at every stage of life.

You don't need to be a yoga teacher already to join!

What makes Yogabellies® different?

Forget about twisting yourself into knots (literally), starving yourself, or attempting demanding yoga postures originally created for men. YogaBellies is a global village of women supporting women.

We’re trying to juggle everything life throws at us, but still retain our sanity and find a little bit of time for some ourselves.

Even if we eat well, make that yoga class and get plenty of sleep (we wish!)... many of us still don’t feel great. If you are looking for a way to truly connect your body and mind and create some balance in your life, YogaBellies might be for you. 

All women are welcome regardless of your size, colour, religious beliefs, sexuality or anything else that makes you You: YOU are welcome at YogaBellies.

What does YogaBellies® offer? 

As well as classes, YogaBellies offer live online women's yoga teacher training and empowerment programmes.

Whether you want to teach yoga or start reaping the benefits of real feminine yoga just for you: We've got you.

You will continue to learn, grow and evolve at YogaBellies.  Using unique feminine yogic practices, you will find the confidence to move forward in every area of your life and even empower other women to live their yoga.

YogaBellies® will help you really live your yoga - on and off the yoga mat. YogaBellies is so much more than pulling fancy shapes - our practices help women improve their lives - even outside of yoga class.

Whether you're coming to class or joining one of our online empowerment programmes, you become a part of a sisterhood of YogaBellies women all over the world.

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Yogabellies® is for everybody and every body.

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YogaBellies Offer Complete Online Yoga Programmes for Women at Different Life Stages. Pregnancy, Menopause and More.


A note from our founder...


"Hey there lovely,

I’m Cheryl, a Yoga Master, therapist, mother, wife, author and award-winning business owner. I've been practising yoga for 25 years and have trained extensively in feminine yoga, psychology, holistic therapies, birth education, hypnosis and a multitude of other female wellness practices from across the globe...

Let me show you how you can enjoy the right yoga practice - even if you’re pregnant or postnatal or in menopause - feel great about yourself, have tons of energy and a body you love based on working with thousands of women over the past 15 years.

YogaBellies will show you how to practice yoga in a way that aligns with your natural instincts and genuinely benefits your female body and mind. If you've never practised yoga before or you’re just looking to get more from your yoga practice - you are in the right place!"

You can read more about my story and what makes me tick here...


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3-Day YogaBellies Pregnancy Wellness Reset

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Psst...Did you know we have a podcast?

We have an 'express' weekly podcast hosted by Cheryl MacDonald (YogaBellies® founder) that covers a HUGE range of topics including yoga (obviously), women’s health and sexuality, pregnancy, babies, parenting, meditations and general wellness. Did you know you can learn and practice exclusive YogaBellies® techniques while doing the school run? How awesome is that? It’s available on all good podcast apps.

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