Hi, I’m Cheryl MacDonald!

I’m an inclusive, not scary, totally normal yet heavily qualified yoga instructor and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. I’m trained in self hypnosis and meditation and what I love is helping women (ALL women) enjoy yoga without having to whisper all the time and wear fancy activewear that cost a month’s rent.

I believe Yoga is for everyone.

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How it all began...

I had just got married and had qualified as a yoga teacher. I was looking into having children and knew I wanted to practice yoga during pregnancy. I was properly terrified of giving birth, so if there was a class with ‘pregnancy’ or ‘birth’ in the title, I was there with bells on. However, the pregnancy yoga classes I went to were just awful. There were 50 of us crammed into a cold church hall and I’m pretty confident the teacher had never done yoga in her life. There was no atmosphere, nobody spoke to each other. It was painfully awkward. I looked into hypnobirthing too and although I loved the concepts, what was available just seemed very cheesy and not something that I could fully buy into. 

So I started training myself instead.

I became qualified in meditation, tantra and self hypnosis, combined those trainings with my yoga qualifications and created YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. This then became yoga for women at every life stage.

I have undertaken training in multiple holistic modalities over the years and I am an E-RYT 500, specializing in women's yoga, health and sexuality. I was the first teacher in the UK to hold the RPYT qualification and have trained hundreds of YogaBellies teachers across the globe.


Then I started teaching and doing things my way.

I wanted a yoga class that wasn’t silent or intimidating. So I created it.

I wanted to learn how to practice yoga safely during my period, during pregnancy and with my baby. So I created it.

I wanted my yoga classes to enhance my life and balance my crazy hormones - not be a punishment to endure because I was trying to ‘be healthy’ or ‘look after myself’.  So I created that, too.

I wanted a class that filled UP my cup, rather than becoming just another thing I had to squeeze (reluctantly) into my day.

So I created YogaBellies®.

5 Fun Facts About Me…

Yoga Mat

I first discovered yoga when I was 10 years old. Checked a book out of the library and read the whole thing cover to cover. Little weirdo.

Scottish Sheep

I’m Scottish. 

Cola Can

I’m a slave to Diet Coke and I’ll fight anyone who says Pepsi is better. It’s not.

Movie Marker

My favourite movie is Love Actually.

Alarm Clock

I get up every day and practice yoga at 5am but I won’t make you do that… unless you want to!

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