Our YogaBellies for Fertility classes take a holistic approach to fertility. In our YogaBellies for Fertility classes we cover a different fertility-related topic, such as stress reduction, nutrition and the power of positivity on your fertility journey.

Using feminine yoga principles, we focus on pranayama for stress reduction and enhancing fertility and we use yoga asana to decrease stress, regulate hormones and build a lovely healthy endometrial lining. You will also be taught how to adapt asana as per the menstrual cycle and fertility treatments. Our guided savasana and meditations are all beautiful and written specifically for fertility journeys.


Who are these classes for?

YogaBellies for Fertility Classes are tailored to women at any stage of their fertility journey. Whether you're planning to conceive, currently trying, or undergoing fertility treatments, our sessions offer support and care. 

We foster an inclusive and welcoming space, encouraging women of all ages, abilities, and yoga levels to join us in this supportive and nurturing environment. Experience the benefits of YogaBellies Fertility Yoga Classes – a supportive community, holistic health, and a calm, prepared mind for the journey of motherhood.

Why should I attend this class?

YogaBellies for Fertility Classes were meticulously designed for women trying to conceive. Our specially trained instructors guide you through gentle yoga sequences and mindful practices that promote overall wellbeing and optimize reproductive health.

Our classes integrate yoga postures with an understanding of the menstrual cycle, fertility, and conception. Each pose is thoughtfully selected and can be adapted based on your menstrual cycle, offering a unique and personalized experience to support your fertility journey.

Our classes create a nurturing environment where you can connect with a supportive community of women on a similar journey, sharing experiences and encouragement.

Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, our fertility classes offer a blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Join us, and let us nurture your fertility journey with compassion, knowledge, and the transformative power of yoga.

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Get Your Complimentary Fertility Superfoods Guide

the power of superfoods for fertility

These nutrient-rich foods are key in crafting an optimal environment for nurturing a healthy baby. Embrace yogic living off the mat by incorporating essential fertility superfoods into your diet.

Get a head start with our free Fertility Superfoods Cheat Sheet, your guide to foods that can enhance your chances of conception. YogaBellies is with you on your path to motherhood, combining yoga with nutritional wisdom.

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Embark on a life-changing journey with the YogaBellies for Fertility Teacher Training course! This unique programme equips you with the skills and knowledge to guide and support women on their fertility journey.

Step into a deeply fulfilling role, providing holistic yoga practices that promote reproductive health and well-being. Join a community of like-minded individuals and have the chance to make a significant difference in women's lives. Are you ready to empower, inspire, and evolve?