YogaBellies® is here for women at every single pivotal time in their lives.

To offer a safe and beautiful place where they can heal and grow their bodies and minds.

Why YogaBellies®? What makes us different?

We know as a modern woman, you want to meet like minded women going through the same things as you.

You know, REAL women. Easy going women, who like a laugh, who love yoga… but aren’t holier than thou.  

Women who, like you, are trying to juggle all that life throws at them (but still retain their sanity and find a little bit of time for some self care). 

You want to move, to eat right, to get some sleep, to socialize, to look after your family, see your friends and show yourself a little bit of love through developing your Yoga practice.

But, and here is the clincher:  You don’t want an elitist yoga class where everyone is killing themselves to look the part and not pass wind (trust us - it’s impossible, and it’s actually really bad for you 🙂 ).

That’s the difference between YogaBellies® and other types of yoga class.

We are here for women at every single pivotal time in their lives.

To offer a safe and a beautiful place where they can heal and grow their bodies and minds.

The YogaBellies® style of yoga focuses around the fluidity and flexibility of the female body and soul and around the key life stages of a woman. 

We offer classes through menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum all the way through menopause, using our unique SENSE BREATHE MOVE SLEEP practices. 

The YogaBellies BAP's techniques work on bringing physical integrity to those key anatomical areas where women work the hardest: The Back, Abs and the Pelvic Floor.

Best of all, you can practise yoga with like-minded women, in a relaxed atmosphere, complete with beautiful aromatherapy oils burning, some relaxing tunes and permission to laugh..or cry (if that's what you need).


That’s what YogaBellies® is all about.

YogaBellies® is for everyone.

Hang on a minute didn’t I see YogaBellies® on Dragon’s Den?

You sure did!  You can Take a peek at us on BBC’s Dragons’ Den or on ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby right here. But our appearance on Dragon’s Den was just the beginning of our journey. 

The YogaBellies® brand is now global with retreats and teacher training happening in every corner of the world. We’ve won The Scottish Edge Award, three What’s on 4 Little One’s Awards as well as being finalist in Woman of the Year, Working Mum’s Best Employer and What’s on 4 Junior’s Awards. We also have quite a few celebrity fans such as Kimberley Walsh (of Girls Aloud fame), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street) in birth preparation and on their yoga practice too.

Perfection is a myth

so let’s just kick off our shoes, leave our egos at the door and move our beautiful bodies.

A note from Founder, Cheryl MacDonald.

Hi there!

I am a Yoga Elder, therapist, mother, wife, author and ethical business owner. I have been practising yoga for 25 years and have trained extensively in yoga for women, holistic therapies, birth education, hypnosis and traditional female wellness practices.

My main work is training other women to become masterful, inclusive and powerful yoga teachers. I’ve trained hundreds of YogaBellies® Teachers and birth mentors over the past 12 years. My skills and experience combined with my absolute adoration of all things yoga and the belief that anyone can practice yoga, are the essence of YogaBellies®.

You can read more about my story and what makes me tick here:

Meet the YogaBellies® Team

Meet the Women, just like you, who make up the YogaBellies® Team.

Meet the team! This beautiful crew makes up the YogaBellies® Tribe. Some of them work directly for YogaBellies® and others have their own YogaBellies® studios they run themselves (sound like something you’d be interested in? )

Team Member - Audrey

This is Audrey

YogaBellies® Franchisee in Glasgow, YogaBellies® Shishya & Birth/Postpartum doula. She’s a spider hater and isn’t into overly competitive people AT ALL.

Audrey has been with YogaBellies® for nine (that’s right NINE!) years. Her career highlights include her Doula training, meeting Sarah Buckley, teaching her first ever YogaBellies® class, teaching at the Peace Love Yoga retreat in Bali and when the mothers she works with text her hours after they’ve given birth.

Team Member - Lauren

This is Lauren.

Based near Edinburgh, Lauren is a Shishya and AquaBellies Manager. Lauren has been with YogaBellies® for 8 years (our staff turnover is SUPER low!). Paneer and Mushroom Karahi are her favourites and as for stuff she doesn’t like? People being greedy with money. Ew. 

Lauren discovered yoga 10 years ago when she was working as a gym instructor and started using yoga stretches as cool downs and then totally fell in love with it. It’s now a lifestyle for her. 

She loves being a part of a fast growing company and surrounding herself with supportive and powerful women.

Team Member - Alison

This is Alison.

From Lanarkshire in Scotland, Alison’s favourite is pasta and she has zero tolerance for cruelty. An employee of YogaBellies® for over 7 years, Alison first discovered yoga when she had postnatal depression after the birth of her second child. She loved the link YogaBellies® made with women’s monthly and life cycles and once she walked in the door she never left!

Team Member - Annie

This is Annie.

Annie is from East Kilbride and is a Shishya and Director of YogaBellies® Fertility course. 

A tapas love from way back (she gets severe food envy so sharing is more her style), she hates bananas and injustice because they’re both terrible. Annie has been with YogaBellies® for 6 years and has been practicing yoga for over two decades after taking her first class in a freezing hall when she injured herself. She’s never looked back. Career highlights include opening her own studio and writing and implementing the YogaBellies® for Fertility course. 

Team Member - Jess

This is Jessica.

Based in Leicester, Jessica is the Franchise Support Manager. She hates losing a goodnights sleep. 

Jessica has been with YogaBellies® for 5 years after discovering yoga at university. The feeling of calmness and sense of peace was like nothing she’d experienced and just like that, yoga became her life. Her career highlight was without a doubt the Peace Love Yoga retreat in Bali

Team Member - Bobbie

This is Bobbie.

Based in Kings Langley, Bobbie is a Shishya at YogaBellies®. If you give her Thai she’ll be your best mate, if you give her peas she won’t invite you to her pool party. Bobbie has been with YogaBellies® for over 9 years and has been a yoga practitioner for over 2 decades. Career highlights include practicing Mum & Bub yoga on This Morning when her daughter was just 6 months old.

Team Member - Vicki

This is Vicki.

Vicki is from Falkirk, Perth and Dundee (travel bug!), and has been with YogaBellies® as a Shishya for 3 years. She also has a degree in Psychology and she hates ignorance. 

Vicki first discovered yoga when she was pregnant with her daughter and has loved it ever since. Major career highlight is winning Franchisee of the year.

Team Member - michael

This is Mike.

Hailing from Singapore, Mike has been with YogaBellies from the very beginning. He despises bullying and thinks perseverance is the key to everything. Mike is also a Senior Cardiology Consultant with a specialist interest in wellness.

Team Member - nicola

This is Nicola.

Nicola has been a birth rocks mentor for 7 years, is a registered midwife, nurse and healthcare lecturer.  She has worked with couples over the years during their pregnancy and into the postnatal period supporting informed choices.

Team Member - siobhan

This is Siobhan.

Siobhan Hencher is from Stirling, Central Scotland and she is a Yogabellies® Official Shisya. Her favourite meals is her husband's sweet potato curry and her least favourite thing in the world is unkindness, wether that be to people, animals and the planet. She discovered yoga 33 years ago, has been teaching for 18 and registered with Yogabellies® for 8 years. Yoga has been a highlight of her life and she loves her job. She believes that life should be lived by being kind, brave, knowing your self worth and taking no shit.

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