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Being a yoga teacher is a true calling. If you’ve had a little burning flame flickering inside you for a while now telling you this is the path you should go down, you’re in the right place.

Is it your dream to create a beautiful, empowering, inclusive yoga community for ALL women?

Do you want to work for yourself, set your own hours and build a yoga business you can run alongside your family commitments? 

Want to know more?

Our 200-Hour YogaBellies® teacher training is for you if…

  • You love everything about yoga for women and the benefits it holds throughout life
  • You want to work through this training at your own pace, fully online, from home
  • You’re ready to dive into the foundations of teaching Hatha yoga and specifically yoga for women
  • You want a good work-life balance and want to make teaching yoga a real career.
  • You genuinely want to help women feel good in their bodies and minds at whatever stage they’re at in their lives.
  • You want to wake up every day and do important work that matters and changes lives.
  • You want every day to be filled with the thing that brings you joy - yoga!
  • Need more guidance or want to embody your personal yoga practice while you train? Check out our EMPOWER 300-hour yoga teacher training course

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Hi I’m Cheryl!

I am a Yoga Elder, therapist, mother, wife, author and succesful multiple holistic business owner. I have been practising yoga for 25 years and have trained extensively in yoga for women, holistic therapies, birth education, hypnosis and traditional female wellness practices.

My true love is training other women to become masterful, inclusive and powerful yoga teachers. I’ve trained hundreds of YogaBellies® Teachers and birth mentors across the world over the past 12 years. My skills and experience combined with my absolute adoration of all things yoga and the belief that anyone can practice yoga, are the essence of YogaBellies®.

I’m also the creator of the Birth ROCKS method: The only bespoke birth preparation practice that is customized to parents needs. I’ve written eight books, I’ve run yoga retreats and teacher training across the globe. Winner of the The Scottish Edge Award, three What’s on 4 Little One’s Awards as well as being a finalist in Woman of the Year, Working Mum’s Best Employer and What’s on 4 Junior’s Awards. I have also worked with celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (of Girls Aloud fame), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street) in birth preparation and on their yoga practice.


Oh and I’ve also been on TV (Hi mum!)

Take a peek at me on BBC’s Dragons’ Den or on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Holly Willoughby...

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So what exactly is the YogaBellies® 200-Hr Teacher Training all about?

Since appearing on Dragon’s Den, YogaBellies® has gone from strength to strength and now offers online licensed yoga teacher training.

If you:

  • Love all things yoga and women's health
  • Are looking for a new direction
  • Want to gain a solid foundation in teaching yoga for women
  • Want to train online in your own time with no time restrictions
  • Want Yoga Alliance International Accredited Teacher Training
  • Then YogaBellies® Teacher Training is a life-changing certification for you.

Ready to get started in this self-paced fully online teacher training?


Let’s be super clear though

To become a successful YogaBellies Teacher, you MUST love all things woman, birth and baby.

Over 100,000 women in the UK alone have attended YogaBellies® classes, and this is your invitation to join this growing community of women supporting women, and to teach yoga created especially for women, by women

How YogaBellies® 200-Hr Teacher Training is different to all the other Yoga Training Courses out there.

YogaBellies® specialist yoga teacher training covers yoga for women at every important life stage, including menopause, pregnancy and post-partum with baby.

Certified YogaBellies® teachers receive world-wide accredited training as well as brand and peer support. We don't just give you yoga teaching skills in our unique women's only style, we also give you all of the tools and techniques that you need to set up and run a successful, ethical YogaBellies® business all of your own.

Sound good?

So how does all this work exactly?


YogaBellies® are looking for teachers with a  love (some would say an obsession!) of all things women, baby, birth and yoga. But most importantly - you will have a genuine interest in supporting women using YogaBellies bespoke feminine yogic techniques.

You don’t need to be a yoga teacher or yoga expert to join us and we believe that if you live by yoga ethics, that the physical aspects of your practice can be perfected in time. We accept applications from all health, maternity and fitness professionals too, and all applications will be considered.

Our YogaBellies® 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is delivered fully online, so you can fit in your education whenever (and wherever) you can. It's self-paced so there are no deadlines and you will have lifetime access to the training.

You can also choose to become a licensed YogaBellies® teacher (optional), you will have a complete, ethical and supportive licensed business model, to help you live the dream.

Let’s Dive Deeper into the YogaBellies Model

Here's what you get...


CYT training in the form of 10 distinct modules covering everything you need to know about teaching yoga women at every life stage 


Over 60 step by step prewritten YogaBellies class plans and also YogaBellies teacher training handbooks, handouts, templates and slideshows (licensed teachers only)


Over 60 hours of video content including a step by step breakdown of every posture for every life stage;        


Yoga Alliance International accredited YogaBellies teacher training, fully online to complete in your own time. Lifetime access to the resources to refer back to and keep learning.


Live recorded yoga teacher and theory sessions with myself and my team of teacher trainers online for you to watch in your own time


Complete Business Goddess Training with templates to get started with own YogaBellies business. Additional resources in the form of our online community

Becoming a YogaBellies® Teacher is

truly life changing opportunity.

Check out some of the stories of our teachers.

The best part is meeting and working with so many amazing women. This includes the women in my classes, my other YogaBellies teachers and the women I have met through collaborations, connections with local businesses and

- Nicki Bulger

I love the fact that I am part of a team who are there when I need them but I am also running my own business.  I have always had the  management team to turn to for help whenever I need it which sometimes is just a phone call for advice.  I get to make my own choices and decisions, take holidays whenever I choose and run my job around my life, not the other way round.  

- Eleanor Higgins

Certified YogaBellies 200-Hour Teacher Training Curriculum


YogaBellies Business Goddess Induction

  • This section is really an entire course in itself and you can do this at any point in your journey. YogaBellies CEO, Cheryl MacDonald’s personal advice and pointers will help you avoid the many pitfalls of starting your YogaBellies business and save you time, effort and money.

HERStory and Yoga for Women

  • Learn about YogaBellies beginning and understand why yoga for women is different. Uncover the real benefits of yoga for women and how this applies though the life stages.
  • Explore the history of women in yoga and their role in yoga today and why we need be honouring our natural rhythms . Explore the intricacies of working with the lunar and menstrual cycles to align with nature.
  • Explore traditional yoga philosophy and concepts such as the Chakras and Koshas and traditional yoga terms and how and when to sanskrit.

anatomy for women

  • Studying and teaching female anatomy & physiology including
    The BAPs: Core form and function, the spine and the pelvis (including the pelvic floor)
  • How Yoga Supports Women's Wellness, Female Trauma & PTSD and trauma-informed teaching
  • Working with injuries & common female conditions. Identifying contraindications and providing alternatives to asana and mindful asana transitions
  • Understand the importance of flexibility, stretching, sensation and pain management when teaching yoga

The YogaBellies Sadhana

  • Learn about The YogaBellies Sadhana, the practice and system we apply throughout the female life stages to optimize our yoga practice for overall wellness and vitality: Sense Breathe Move Sleep Circle.

Maiden, echantress, Crone (Menses and Menopause)

  • Use the YogaBellies Sadhana of Sense Breath Move Sleep to work with women throughout the menstrual cycle, perimenopause and menopause.
  • Find out about the incredible journey of psychological and physiological changes that every woman travels during these transformational life stages. Embrace the maiden, mother, enchantress and crone and learn how these archetypes can be present in our lives at every age.
  • Learn how to teach Luna and CorePlay classes for women throughout the life stages, with pre-written class plans provided.

Mother: YogaBellies for Pregnancy

  • Examine the incredible journey of psychological and physiological changes that a woman travels during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Discover how we can work therapeutically to alleviate and resolve various aches, pains and ailments related to pregnancy and birth.
    Learn about comfort techniques and practices for pregnancy and birth
  • Uncover the importance of working therapeutically with the BAPs (back, abs and pelvic floor) in a safe and beneficial way throughout pregnancy during your yoga practice.
  • Learn to teach YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes, with pre-written class plans provided.

mother (YogaBellies for Mum & Baby)

  • Learn everything you need to know about postpartum anatomy and physiology. What is mum going through at every stage of the fourth trimester and beyond emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    Explore the powerful journey into motherhood and the critical stages of post-natal recovery
  • Identify key risk factors to look out for in-class; what changes mum should expect and what adjustments we can make.
    Learn how we can work with new mums to alleviate and resolve various aches, pains and ailments specifically related to birth recovery and the postpartum period.
  • Explore YogaBellies baby yoga postures for infants and toddlers to incorporate into your class: Why they are beneficial and how they can assist their growth, development and overall health.
  • Learn how to teach YogaBellies for Mum & Baby; YogaBellies for Mum & Toddler and NURTURE classes (all with pre-written class plans)

Mother (yogabellies baby massage)

  • Learn about baby's anatomy and physiology and the key stages for newborns.
  • Teaching touch to parents and learning the YogaBellies baby massage strokes and their benefits and uses.
  • Learn how to teach baby massage as part of our NURTURE classes.

Teacher Ethics and Holding Space

  • Embracing Inclusion & Diversity at YogaBellies and exploring the concepts of Sacred Space
  • Learn the basics of studio and class logistics: How to get set up for a safe and effective learning environment

YogaBellies Teacher First Aid

  • Explore our YogaBellies in house yoga teacher first aid training, equipping you to deal with essential basic first aid skills for class.

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Join hundeds of yogabellies teachers and

birth rocks mentors worldwide!

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Check out some of the stories of our teachers.

all up you're getting...

  • Over 60 hours of video content including a step by step breakdown of every posture for every life stage; 30 hours of YogaBellies live recorded classes from different teachers; YogaBellies practices and techniques; lectures of all of the YogaBellies themes and topics also with printable handouts;
  • YogaBellies Business Goddess training in a series of video lectures and printable handouts – this is everything I know about starting and growing a successful yoga business;
  • Over 60 step by step prewritten YogaBellies class plans for you to tweak and make your own all with Prewritten SLEEP meditations to accompany each class plan (licensed teachers only;)
  • Bursting-at-the-seams YogaBellies teacher training handbooks on all of the topics covered - covering all of the basics you’d expect from a standard 200 YTT course PLUS more information of our specialization - yoga for women;
  • Recorded sessions with myself and my team of teacher trainers online for you to learn as you progress your training (all at your own pace with no pressure to complete;)
  • Home study YogaBellies® first aid certification for all teachers as well as anatomy and physiology guidebooks;
  • As a CYT teacher, you also become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!

Are you ready to say YES to

fulfilling your dream?

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