300 Hour live online Yoga Teacher Training - EMPOWER™ by YogaBellies:

EMPOWER™ is a unique yoga teacher training programme for all women at every stage of life - and you don't need to be a yoga teacher already! Let me explain...


I created this programme for those who want to become an expert in women's wellness. This is not a dry teacher training, we look primarily at YOU living and embracing your yoga - on and off the yoga mat - and learning how to teach the YogaBellies practices, as we embody them. This training is equal parts practicing and teaching yoga; personal development and learning tangible business and empowerment skills. EMPOWER is a real game-changer and is going to make a huge impact on your life and on the lives of the women you work with.

With a focus on yoga for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the female life stages - we’ll cover yoga and wellness for the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post-partum (and baby!) and the stages of menopause, female-specific illnesses and conditions - as well balancing hormonal fluctuations;  yoga through the seasons, nutrition, self-care, Ayurveda for women's health… oooft! And so much more 🙂

Cheryl will lead you on a deep, personal journey, no matter your level of yoga experience. EMPOWER™ will allow you to understand and embrace the cyclical nature of female life and show you how to lead other women to do so too.

With more than 15 years experience as a yoga teacher, and over a decade in training and leading YogaBellies® teachers, Cheryl is the visionary behind EMPOWER™

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The EMPOWER Programme Will Help You:

Live your dream life as a yoga teacher that's earning a sustainable incoming and exceeding their personal wellness and career goals
Uncover your optimal personal health so that you have the energy, vitality and motivation to help other women do the same
Discover what you REALLY want from life and help you get there - on the yoga mat; in your personal life and in business
Fully support female clients through pregnancy, post-partum with baby, menstrual issues and menopause
Understand why yoga has special benefits for women (that benefits us off the yoga mat too!)
Explore ways in which yoga can help alleviate and treat female-specific medical conditions
Learn how to live in alignment with our natural cycles and nature, in our yoga practice and in our daily lives
Discover what a woman's yoga practice needs to look like and why the BAP’s (back, abs and pelvic floor) are central to a woman’s wellness throughout life.
Take all of this expert knowledge and learn how to create an ethical and profitable business model that fully serves you and your clients' needs
Use everything you learn in EMPOWER™ to burst through any blocks, exceed your goals and absolutely live your best life!