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My Dream Yoga Business Journal was designed to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to figure out what you’re here to do, what your dream yoga business actually looks like and start taking tangible steps and inspired action to transform it from a dream into reality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living the corporate life (and have for years!) or you teach yoga classes that just doesn’t feel aligned anymore, all you need is pen & paper (or your favorite word processing program, phone or tablet) to start making major changes right flipping now.


For every yoga teacher aspiring to turn their passion into a profitable venture, “My Dream Yoga Business Journal” by Yoga Master and Dragon’s Den Winner, Cheryl Kennedy MacDonald, offers a hands-on guide to navigating the world of yoga entrepreneurship.

Stuck in a 9-5 job that drains your spirit?
Tossing around yoga-teaching ideas without knowing which path to tread?
Feeling stagnant in your career, or just finding it hard to feel excited about your daily grind?
This journal is designed to liberate you from these conundrums, 
aligning your professional trajectory with your deepest aspirations.

This isn’t just another business guide; it’s an interactive journey that paves the way to your dream yoga business. With a blend of insightful exercises and pragmatic advice, this journal empowers you to gain clarity on your goals, values, and vision for your yoga enterprise. You’ll find templates for branding, marketing, and crafting a unique business plan that resonates with your teaching philosophy.

As the founder of YogaBellies™ and a renowned yoga instructor to celebrities, Cheryl Kennedy MacDonald infuses this journal with her wealth of knowledge, insights, and personal experiences. Her guidance and mentorship, contained within these pages, aim to assist you in building a flourishing yoga business that harmonizes your personal values with your professional ambitions.

Packed with actionable tips and thought-provoking prompts, “My Dream Yoga Business Journal” serves as a compass leading you toward your vision. It doesn’t matter if you’re just embarking on your teaching journey or seeking to elevate an existing yoga venture, this journal is a valuable companion on your path to success.

Embark on this exciting journey today, chart your course with “My Dream Yoga Business Journal,” and transform your dream into a living, thriving reality! Seize this opportunity to create a rewarding and fulfilling career as a yoga teacher. Don’t wait – your dream yoga business awaits!

1 review for My Dream Yoga Business Journal

  1. Chez

    Gave clear and concise information of how to start building your business and laying out your objectives of what your mission is. Definitely helped ne on my own journey.

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