Soulful Entrepreneur: 50-Hour Business Training for Yoga Teachers



Why Soulful Entrepreneur?


What comes to your mind when you hear this? It’s enough to make most light workers quake in their Birkenstocks!

As a former business analyst and a Dragon’s Den Winner… I know a thing or two about running a successful business. 🙂 

Now, brace yourself:

I’m revealing all my tools of the trade in the upcoming 50-hour live online training Soulful Entrepreneur!

I want to EMPOWER you to become a true yoga household name…

We’ll cover all things money, mindset, business, and entrepreneurship…

And how to approach your tribe consciously, soulfully, and with a positive attitude.

Sadly, some yoga teachers still think they should be giving away their gifts for free…

While the truth is, when you have value to offer to the world, the world is happy to pay the price you command.

By the end of this interactive programme, you will:

 ●   Break the scarcity mindset and become confident at pricing your services

●  Find your tribe (ideal customer base), create a soulful brand, and tailor a matching public image

●  Create a ‘Signature Offer’ and a bespoke range of classes, services, or products around it

There’s a lot more we’ll be covering in the Soulful Entrepreneur…

So no matter if you are acquiring these skills for the first time or are an established yoga teacher or lightworker who’d like a refresher on all things yoga entrepreneurship…

You don’t want to miss this one!

What Is Soulful Entrepreneur™?

Start any time for immediate access or study at  your own pace.

In this 50-Hr YTT, multiple-business award-winner Cheryl will teach you everything she knows about creating an international yoga business and brand. 

REAL Yoga Business training – from someone who has actually done it – to help you determine what is your soul purpose, who are your niche clients, how to create an ethical brand and develop your leadership and productivity skills.

  • Embrace a positive money mindset  and become comfortable with charging what you are worth
  • Craft your personal vision for life, your mission statement and create a clear business plan 
  • How to create your soulful brand identity and how to get your message to the right people
  • Identify ‘your tribe,’ uncover why they love you and differentiate your teaching to make an impact
  • How to create your ‘Signature Offer’ and a bespoke range of classes, services or products around that
  • Implement the Basic Funnel of Know. Like. Trust.
  • How I create kick-ass Lead Magnets to build my email list.
  • My business tool Rolodex: My best practices, apps, tools, and project management systems
  • Discover how to be your best self on social media: be authentic, knowledgeable and effective 
  • Create an actionable plan for your yoga business, eliminate overwhelm and make things happen 
  • Align your business with your core values and cement your place as an expert in your field
  • Learn everything else know you’ll ever need to know in these personal sessions with Cheryl

Soulful Entrepreneur™ is also part of the EMPOWER™  yoga teacher training programme -which you can choose to upgrade to if you wish. EMPOWER™ is a unique yoga teacher training for all women at every stage of life – and you don’t need to be a yoga teacher already to join us.  Let me explain…

What is EMPOWER™ ?

I created this programme for those who want to become an expert in women’s wellness and how to run a successful yoga business. This is not a dry teacher training, we look primarily at YOU living and embracing your yoga – and making it into a viable business. This training is equal parts practicing and teaching yoga; personal development and empowerment skills. EMPOWER is a real game-changer and is going to make a huge impact on your life and on the lives of the women you work with.

How do the Individual 50-Hour courses work?

Each of our 50-Hour YTT are individually accredited courses on its own or can be added together to qualify for the 300-hour EMPOWER™ qualification. You can join in with our live online teaching sessions for the 50-hour YTT, or you can simply view the recordings and complete the assessment in your own time. Everything you need is available to you online instantly on sign-up and you will receive a 50-Hour YTT Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance International on completion.

What do the 50-Hour Courses Cover?

Soulful Entrepreneur is the best yoga teacher business training out there – for a yoga teacher who’s been there and done that with years of evidence and a global yoga brand to prove it! 

Cheryl will lead you on a deep, personal journey, no matter your level of yoga or business experience. 

With more than 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, over 15 business awards in the last decade and over a decade in training and leading YogaBellies® teachers, Cheryl is the visionary behind EMPOWER™ 

Having had some pretty deplorable ‘online’ training experiences myself, I wanted to make sure EMPOWER provided just as much as an ‘in-person’ training BUT with the added benefits of having lifetime access to the resources and access them in your own time.

How is the SOULFUL ENTREPRENEUR™  training delivered?


SOULFUL ENTREPRENEUR™  is a combination of live online yoga teacher business training; live mentoring sessions with myself and daily interaction in our online forum with the YB team and your peers. Every week of training you will be engaged in a combination of these training sessions with home study and work on your business too. We’re constantly interacting with you to make sure you’re on track throughout the training and if you can’t make a session you can access it later in your own time. You can also choose to study at your own pace and watch the recorded sessions instead!


In addition to this, you have access to complete handbooks for each module; a business plan template and all of the resources you need to take your yoga business to the next level.


We provide pre-recorded live sessions for your review and learning; lecture and break down videos, all of which you have lifetime access to and can watch at a time to suit. You also get downloadable handbooks, Yoga Business ‘Cheat Sheets’, slide shows, audio learning and more.


For the 50-Hour YTT qualification, you must complete the online quiz to gain your certification. You will receive a downloadable certificate from YogaBellies on completion of your course and these can also be counted as credits towards with 300-Hour EMPOWER YTT within 3 years. If you require a paper certificate you can request this from Yoga Alliance International.


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