Become a Pregnancy Yoga Instructor with YogaBellies & Teach Classes for Pregnant Women


The Practice of Yoga during Pregnancy and Other Stages of the Female Life Cycles Enhances a Woman's Overall Wellness

Teaching yoga during pregnancy requires specialist skills which can only be gained through Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training and a genuine love for the practice of yoga and all things woman, birth and baby. While we know that yoga enhances wellness at every stage of a woman’s life, it is particularly beneficial during pregnancy and post-partum.

YogaBellies® is a world-renowned female yoga collective and has been widely published across the globe. YogaBellies® offer the following:

  • Full accreditation by internationally recognized yoga entities such as Yoga Alliance International and the World Yoga Federation
  • The in-depth, specialist knowledge of teaching yoga for women, including Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training
  • An introductory price of 2997 GBP for the 300 hours of EMPOWER YTT instruction
  • Testimonials that are glowing from dozens of satisfied EMPOWER graduates
  • Pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and yoga for all of the female life stages
  • 15 years of experience in women’s and pregnancy yoga teacher training by its founder, Cheryl MacDonald


EMPOWER ™ is the most comprehensive women's yoga teacher training (including Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training) available globally. All yoga instructors, studios, and even general health and wellness entrepreneurs and businesses can enhance their practice and assist their clients using the techniques taught in the Pregnancy and Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training that make up a large part of the EMPOWER ™ Programme.

What is offered with EMPOWER ™ Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training?

The courses offered for yoga teachers, yoga studios, and birth and baby workers who are seeking pregnancy yoga teacher training were created specifically for the needs of pregnant women. Midwives and Doulas of course will benefit too from this training.

  • Hormone Balancing and Stress-Reducing Techniques during Pregnancy

The relaxation techniques taught are specific to pregnant women who do suffer from hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. Each stage of pregnancy is different and the differences do affect all women in different ways. Each hormonal problematic dysfunction (such as mood swings and exhaustion) can be addressed specifically by using YogaBellies practices. Whether using these techniques as a yoga instructor, midwife, and even doula, seeking to assist women in overcoming hormonal fluctuations will be effective using these proven practices. The instructors of the EMPOWER ™ teacher training course focus on teaching each student how to present their knowledge of overall wellness and health during pregnancy as part of the overall yoga teacher training.

  • Cycle Aligning in Every Stage of a Woman’s Life

Each stage of a woman’s life is very different. From menstrual cycle issues to fertility, to post-partum discomforts and changes in mood to pregnancy aches and ailments. As part of YogaBellies EMPOWER™ programme, YogaBellies practices bring enhanced physical and mental awareness and well-being for all women. The curriculum of training taught even includes the issues that women can face with regard to hormonal fluctuations. For example, during menopause, estrogen decreases, then while during pregnancy it increases. Understanding our hormones and how yoga can help balance them is a core part of EMPOWER yoga teacher training. Being able to assist women correctly with the right yoga postures and practices is imperative to instructors everywhere, no matter what stage of life a woman is at. The wrong type of yoga can be detrimental and even dangerous for a woman during pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga teacher training, however, is essential when working with women who are pregnant, and pregnancy itself has its cycles and trimesters as well, which need to be understood fully in order to work safely with women during pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Offered in the EMPOWER ™ Programme is Open to All

Even if you are only interested in yoga in general, or in practicing yoga personally, the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training content of EMPOWER, will enhance your depth of knowledge of the practice of yoga during pregnancy, and to understand better The Mother archetype that we as women, can embody at any stage of life. The EMPOWER modules and courses offered, take students on a deeply personal journey, further into the world of yoga than ever before. This allows the student to embody their yoga practice and enhances their overall experience of 'living their yoga,' even if the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training aspect is only taken as part of the larger EMPOWER training. It is a compelling look into yoga through the female life stages and its benefits and enhancement of health and well-being for all women, and the real changes the right yoga can bring to a woman's life.

YogaBellies® Teaches Empowerment in your Personal and Business Life for Women of All Ages and life stages

Although the YogaBellies EMPOWER™ Pregnancy Teacher Training Course is specifically geared towards yoga teachers who want to teach pregnant women, anyone working with women can benefit. Understanding the impact and significance of pregnancy and childbirth - or lack of it - on a woman's life, can be a key component to helping female clients find inner harmony throughout life. It's also vital to understand the physical and hormonal impact of pregnancy and postpartum when working with women. Even if you don't intend to work specifically with pregnant women, this information is vital in understanding the psyche of females at every life stage and how the right yoga does make a difference to the lives of the women who attend their classes and use their services.