28-Day Yoga Life DETOX

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This is right for you if you:

  • Are looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step daily roadmap to yoga, fitness, and nutrition, created just for women;
  • Are looking for a simple, fast and effective way to integrate yoga (just 20 mins!) and healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday life;
  • Want to feel passion for life and get your mojo back;
  • Want to learn a better way to deal with mood swings, burnout, anxiety, and insomnia;
  • Uncover the Yogic secret to loving nourishing food and lose weight effortlessly (without artificial shakes and whimsical diets. 🙈)
  • Drop your bad habits for good – and not miss them a bit!
  • Are absolutely new to yoga or practising for years – these basic principles apply to all practitioners and can make the lasting changes you need!
  • Don’t have time to get to yoga class or hours to devote to your practice but want to start reaping the benefits;

Whether you’re just beginning or reconnecting with your yoga practice, or aiming to translate the benefits of yoga into your daily life, this programme is your path to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Embrace the Yoga Lifestyle:

The Ultimate Roadmap for Women at the Start or Restart of Their Yoga Journey!

(Perfectly suited for yoga rookies and returning yogis in just 20 minutes a day!)

Delving into Yoga – Fitness – Nutrition – Mindset.

What Can I Expect From The DETOX?

This programme couldn’t be any more straightforward!

In this 28-Day Yoga Life Detox, I’m handing you everything you need to follow through the entire 28 days. Picture this: a daily itinerary, guiding you through yoga, mindset, nutrition and fitness. A smorgasbord of yoga routines and meditations to pick from. Delicious, chef-curated recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists to get your nutrition spot on. Plus, a brand-new mindset and detox practices for you to explore each day!

Each week, we’ll zero in on a different element of incorporating yoga into your life, covering all the essentials: Body, Mind, and Soul. By week 4, we’re establishing healthy habits that will feel like second nature, making it easy for you to continue long after the 28-Day Detox.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Week 1: Mindful Cleansing
Yoga is more than just striking poses on a mat, love. It’s about the positive impact it has on our daily life. So, in the first week, we focus on setting up nourishing routines and inviting joy back into our lives. We start with Mindful Cleansing, delving into our internal landscape and identifying what’s been holding us back – all this even before we unroll the yoga mat.

Week 2: Yoga Body
Week two is all about understanding what a Yoga Body truly means. It’s about what we feed our bodies, how we care for them, and how we nurture ourselves through food and yoga practice throughout the month.

Week 3: Yoga Soul
Come the third week, we turn our gaze inward, nourishing our Yoga Soul. Feeding our inner selves is just as crucial as nourishing our physical bodies. We’ll deepen our soul-nourishment, reacquaint ourselves with our true identity, explore our relationships, indulge in what we love, and make time to truly live!

Week 4:Creating Lasting Rituals
The final week centres on Creating Lasting Yoga Lifestyle Rituals. We’ll focus on achieving your yoga and health goals and securing long-term, easy-to-maintain results. This week is dedicated to keeping you on track and focused on what truly matters to you.

Throughout this 28-day journey, whether you’re a newbie or evolving your existing yoga practice, this detox will nourish both your body and soul, meeting your needs each day, without pushing you beyond your comfort zone. I’ll guide you to listen to your body’s cues and select the best yoga, mindset, and self-care practices for you each day. So, let’s start this exciting journey together!

By The End of This Detox, Here’s What You’ll Have Achieved:

  • You’ll have seamlessly integrated daily yoga, fitness, and mindful eating into your life! The benefit? You’ll be physically stronger, more flexible, and brimming with energy – plus, you’ll be savouring the food you eat rather than seeing it as a guilt-inducing enemy.
  • You’ll have grasped the small, daily changes that make life vibrant and exhilarating. And the best part? You’ll wake up every morning excited to greet the day, bringing a newfound joy to your existence.
  • You’ll have started tuning into your body’s intuition, supplying it with what it craves in terms of yoga, self-care, and nutrition. This means no more denying your body’s needs – you’ll be in harmony with yourself, promoting physical and mental wellbeing.
  • You’ll be in love with your yoga practice and reaping all its benefits – no skinny leggings required! 😉 You’ll be healthier, less stressed, and more focused, all thanks to your commitment to yoga.
  • You’ll have let go of anything that was pulling you down – be it negative beliefs, unhealthy habits, or toxic individuals. The result? A lighter, happier you, free to soar without any burdens holding you back.
  • You’ll have revolutionised your perspective on food and, lo and behold, you’ll have lost weight effortlessly.
  • Your relationship with food will be one of nourishment, not punishment, leading to sustainable weight loss and a healthier body image.
  • Finally, you’ll find yourself with boundless energy, enhanced relationships, and a renewed zest for life! You’ll enjoy more satisfying and meaningful interactions with others, and your enthusiasm for life will be contagious. So why wait? Let’s begin this rejuvenating journey together!

The Yoga Life Detox Will Help You:

Kick-Start (or Re-start) The Right Yoga Practice

Join me as we start (or reboot) your daily yoga practice – on and off the yoga mat – and integrate cardio into your routine. In as little as 20-mins a day you will be nourishing your body and soul by giving it exactly what it needs each day!

Eat What You Like and Like What You Eat!
You’ll completely change your attitude towards food and introduce Mindful Eating habits – Jump into the Yoga Life Recipe Book and Meal Plans for tasty options throughout the Detox and beyond.

Uncover What You Need for a Healthy Mindset

We’re going to deep dive into what’s been holding you back, and what you need and make a sustainable plan to get you there going forward. Positivity, Optimism and Contentment are waiting for you!

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  1. Chez

    Did this at start of year 2022 and have continued the practice and feel magic. As a IBS sufferer, really helped with diet plans and resetting my gut and energy levels. Highly recommend to start getting into a consistent healthy practice, no pressure, easy going, small changes to produce big results. Great stuff!

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