28-Day Yoga Life DETOX

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Keep Reading If…

  • You’re exhausted and feel like you’re just chasing your tail trying to look after everyone… except You.
  • You have no time for your yoga practice, self-care, or eating well – fast food and couch surfing have become your norm.
  • You’ve put on weight or your fitness levels have dropped or yoga practice has been abandoned – or you want to start from scratch!
  • You’re super stressed or feeling anxious or depressed
  • You’re getting ill a lot and your immunity is low
  • You can’t sleep or you’re sleeping too much
  • You’re glued to your electronics and really need a digital detox
  • The pandemic has impacted your life in negative ways and you really need a new lease of life
  • You know you need something to sort your life out but you have no idea where to start… This Is It.



This unique detox, empowerment and healthy weight loss online yoga programme will transform your life in under a month. This programme is taught by Cheryl Kennedy MacDonald, founder of global Women’s Yoga Collective YogaBellies, an expert in combining feminine yoga with positive nutrition & holistic living.

This 28-day online yoga programme is designed to introduce you to simple lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight, keep your body free of toxins and create a calm and focused mindset – quickly, consistently and easily.  Her unique method of yoga created specifically for women shows you exactly how effective the right feminine yoga practice can be while keeping you motivated, engaged and seeing real results immediately! Join Cheryl for this easy-to-follow transformation for just 28 days. After you’re done you’ll feel rejuvenated, motivated and ready for a fresh start!

What is the Yoga Life Detox?

Cheryl’s programme focuses on the 3 main elements of detox: Mindful Cleansing, Yoga Body and Yoga Soul. She explores the way you treat your body through fitness and food, the quality of the relationships you build with yourself or others, and the quality of the choices you make in everyday life.

Cheryl introduces you to Yoga, not just as exercise, but yoga as a multifaceted practice that can be improve every aspect of your life helping you lead a  helping you to become healthy, happy and fully empoweredas a woman. Getting started on this journey is what Cheryl calls the “Yoga Life Detox”

Who this programme is for:

Any woman that wants to quickly and easily transform their life, Mind, Body and Soul in just 28 Days. This programme is suitable for all levels of yoga practice – even complete newbies and includes modifications for beginners.

1 review for 28-Day Yoga Life DETOX

  1. Chez

    Did this at start of year 2022 and have continued the practice and feel magic. As a IBS sufferer, really helped with diet plans and resetting my gut and energy levels. Highly recommend to start getting into a consistent healthy practice, no pressure, easy going, small changes to produce big results. Great stuff!

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