YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home

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This Programme Is For Pregnant Mamas-To-Be Who Are…

✅ Feeling uncertain, anxious, or overwhelmed during pregnancy;
✅ Experiencing pregnancy-related issues like sciatica, pelvic girdle pain, nausea, insomnia, or gestational diabetes;
✅ Struggling with low mood or pregnancy depression;
Lacking energy, unable to sleep, or constantly exhausted;
Too busy to attend a pregnancy yoga class but seeking the benefits of relaxation, strength, stamina, and yoga birthing skills;
Overwhelmed with endless to-do lists and struggling to prioritise self-care;
Seeking a one-stop solution for accurate pregnancy advice, prenatal yoga, wholesome meal ideas, and expert guidance;
Worried about the safety and effectiveness of your pregnancy exercise or yoga routine;
Concerned about giving birth and eager to learn yoga birth skills for comfort and calm.


Struggling to Stay Fit and Fabulous During Pregnancy?

The Proven, All-in-One Programme for a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

Loved By Over 100,000 Women!

(Perfect for beginners, busy mums-to-be, and those striving for a healthier pregnancy journey!)

Introducing Our Comprehensive YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home Programme, Accessible Anytime, Anywhere!


What Made Me Create YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home…

Hey there, lovely mums-to-be! I’m Cheryl, founder of YogaBellies, Mama and Yoga Master. Today, I want to share my personal pregnancy story and how it inspired me to create YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home.

A Less Than Perfect Pregnancy…

Picture this: a pregnant me in sweltering Tuscany, feeling sick, exhausted, and struggling to maintain my yoga practice. The excitement of becoming a mum was overshadowed by nausea and tears. My diet was mostly Cheesy Wotsits, and I was terrified I was failing as a mum before I’d even begun! Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

YogaBellies for Pregnancy is Born!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with women at every stage of pregnancy, but I knew something was missing – support OFF the yoga mat! So, I created YogaBellies for Pregnancy, combining yoga, cardio, meditation, positive pregnancy mindset and prenatal nutrition to guide you throughout your journey.

Unlock Your Pregnancy Superpowers!

During pregnancy, your mama instincts and superpowers kick in – but it’s hard to believe when you’re feeling less than great. That’s where our 38-week programme comes in. Designed for all pregnant women, it’s your roadmap to health and fitness for pregnancy and birth, with daily yoga, meditation, cardio, recipes, and meal plans.

More than Just Stretching

Yoga is so much more than stretching! I designed this programme to help you grow strong, confident, and healthy using my proven YogaBellies techniques. It’s all about embracing your beautiful pregnant body and loving every step of the journey.

Simple and Up-to-Date

Pregnancy can be overwhelming with endless advice and ever-changing guidelines. That’s why I created this easy-to-follow programme, with the help of expert friends. Let’s focus on a custom blend of yoga, fitness, nutrition, and a positive pregnancy mindset – trimester by trimester.

What Is YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home?

This is NOT a complicated programme for yoga experts or super-fit mums, and it’s not just a ton of prenatal yoga videos without any kind of structured programme. You don’t need to be a master chef or a vegan or to go on a diet of vegetables and vitamins, and it doesn’t include recipes that will cost you the earth to get the ingredients or take five hours to make every day. YogaBellies was created by a regular mum with regular mums in mind.

✅It IS a complete done-for-you, week-by-week pregnancy yoga, fitness, mindset and nutrition programme. It’s split by trimester so that you can find exactly what you need when you need it. You can start at any time in your pregnancy and skip straight to the information and yoga routines you need. Access the complete programme from our custom app on your phone (or any device!) NOW!

✅🤰Your easy-to-follow programme, contains the yoga and fitness routines you should be doing each week, tells you what you should be eating and provides super tasty recipes. You also get pregnancy hypnosis and meditations for each stage of pregnancy to make sure you’re in a positive mindset for pregnancy and looking forward to childbirth. Daily meal plans and hormone-balancing recipes as well as shopping lists, meaning that all you have to do is peek at the programme on your smartphone (no matter how tired or busy you are) and you know exactly what you should be doing TODAY and at each stage of pregnancy. 

You can forget about the mountain of baby books you already have, scouring youtube for workouts you’ll never do or googling ‘what am I allowed to eat’ every day – everything is here in this handy little app!

✅💗From as little as 10 minutes a day, you can customize your pregnancy yoga, nutrition and wellness plan to suit your ever-changing prenatal needs: This programme develops with you and your baby!


This Is For You If You Want To:

  • Get instant access to an easy-to-follow weekly yoga, fitness and mindset programme, with new yoga routines every week and daily exercise and lifestyle suggestions – for your full pregnancy!
  • Stay fit, healthy and emotionally balanced throughout pregnancy
  • Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and learn how to lose it again after birth
  • Have a safe pregnancy yoga practice from home (and access to over 50+ exclusive pregnancy yoga routines including 21 video routines!)
  • Relieve common prenatal issues like Sciatica, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Nausea, Insomnia, Gestational Diabetes
  • Stay strong, focused and prepared for ‘the Big Day’ with our birthing comfort toolkit
  • Know the best foods to eat at every stage of pregnancy and have pregnancy-friendly recipes, meal plans and cheat sheets for all 3 trimesters!
  • Have everything you need to know about prenatal supplements, probiotics, hormones and pregnancy lifestyle choices
  • Never have to buy another pregnancy book, video or download – it’s all here in an easy-to-access app from your phone, ipad, TV or laptop!

Get Instant access to ALL of the pregnancy yoga, wellness and nutrition resources you need for your entire pregnancy and childbirth!

YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home also works …

If you recently suffered a miscarriage or are trying to conceive. If you are already attending YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes, this programme will help you keep up the good work off the yoga mat!

Can’t attend a live YogaBellies for Pregnancy class? This programme makes sure you won’t miss out. It’s also great for anyone who wants to learn how they can support their partner or friends during their pregnancies.


YogaBellies® for Pregnancy at Home, is the ultimate prenatal yoga and wellness experience for the modern mum-to-be!

Whether you’re a first-time mum or you’ve done it all before, I understand that pregnancy can be a challenging time, both physically and emotionally. But with my specially designed programme, you can now enjoy the benefits of YogaBellies prenatal yoga and wellness from the comfort of your own home – and even on the go on our custom mobile app!

Imagine feeling relaxed, confident and healthy throughout your pregnancy, without worrying about excessive weight gain, mood swings, joint pain, diabetes or other common pregnancy-related issues. You can now achieve all of that with our YogaBellies® for Pregnancy at Home Programme.

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