Mother & Child: 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Post-Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga and Baby Massage)



YogaBellies Mother & Child™ Training Available Online Now

Mother & Child™ provides an all-encompassing qualification in post-natal yoga, baby yoga and massage.

This course focuses on embracing the new role of mother and how to integrate the baby into our lives, on and off the yoga mat. We focus on mental health postnatally and also our physical recovery and on rebuilding strength and loving our new postpartum bodies. We look at the YogaBellies BAP’s practices – exploring the relationship between the Back, Abs and Pelvic Floor – to ensure that mother recovers fully and in the longer term from birth, in safe and timely manner.

  • Learn everything you need to know about postpartum anatomy and physiology. What is mum going through at every stage of the fourth trimester and beyond emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Use the YogaBellies Sadhana of Sense Breath Move Sleep to work with postpartum mum – with and without baby.
  • Progression of Asanas after childbirth. Simple teaching points ensure safe transition from yoga class to home practice, applicable to both experienced yogini and women new to yoga.
  • Postnatal yoga to address common complaints (weak pelvic floor, instability of pelvic joints, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, split abdominal muscles
  • Understand the critical stages of post-natal recovery and the key health themes of the fourth trimester. Identify key risk factors to look out for in class; what changes mum should expect and what adjustments we can make to benefit mother become comfortable in her new post-partum body.
  • Learn the yogabellies SLEEP practices (our blend of self-hypnosis, yoga nidra and nada yoga) beneficial for mum AND baby, to allow the deepest levels of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Explore YogaBellies baby yoga postures for infants and toddlers to incorporate into your class: Why they are beneficial and how they can assist their growth, development and overall health.
  • Infant Massage: Learn ancient newborn massage practices and become a qualified Baby Massage Instructor by the end of this training.Understand baby que’s and mother-baby bonding and how baby yoga and massage can assist this process.
  • Learn ancient Ayurvedic self-care practices for mother in the first forty days post-birth and how to incorporate this knowledge into your post-natal classes.
  • Learn how to structure postnatal and baby yoga and baby massage classes and how to choose a venue and what equipment you need

Who Is This For?

You’re a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Professional Working with Post-Partum Women

You work with postnatal women and/or babies, either as a yoga teacher or wellness professional, and dont feel confident that you are fully able to advise them on what they need to know after birth. This training will take you through the physiology of the fourth trimester and beyond, as well as what mum and baby will be experiencing at every stage post-partum. We dive into the female reproductive system and the YogaBellies BAP’s philosophy, that women must maintain the integrity of the Back, Abs and Pelvic Floor, for optimal wellness and how to do this. You will learn which yoga practices and postures should be avoided immediately post-partum, as well as those that will be beneficial for post-natal issues such as repair of the pelvic floor, abdominal splitting, back pain, post-natal depression and more. Explore traditional ayurvedic postpartum practices, nutrition and supplementary treatments that can aid your clients in their post-natal journey with this 50-hour Yoga Alliance International qualification. You’ll also be a fully accredited baby yoga and infant massage instructor by the end of this training. You can add this to our pregnancy course, to create the 100-hour qualification also.

You’re pregnant or a new mum and want to find out how to approach yoga post-birth, with and without baby

You know that yoga is fantastic for post-birth recovery and you’ve heard that mum and baby yoga and massage are great ways to bond with your new child. You want to learn how to adapt your yoga practice, meditation and self-care, and lifestyle after pregnancy and birth. You want to approach the post-natal period holistically, embracing yoga and Ayurveda and giving you and your baby the best possible chance for optimal wellness and recovery. You want to recover from pregnancy and b confident and comfortable in your new role as mother and learn positions and practices for postpartum healing and calm. You want to learn to alleviate postnatal conditions such as diastasis recti; anxiety and depression; pelvic floor dysfunction and more through your yoga practice. You want to know what to expect for you and baby, guided each step of the way by world-case experts in postnatal and baby yoga and wellness. This is a guided deep-dive into living a yoga lifestyle after birth with baby.

What is Mother and Child™ ?

I created this programme for those who want to become an expert in yoga for the post-partum period, for mother and child. This is not dry teacher training course, we look primarily at YOU living and embracing your yoga – on and off the yoga mat – from breathing and visualisation practices immediately after birth, all the way through the postpartum period.

You will learn the YogaBellies® practices, for each stage of recovery. You will be encouraged to embody each practice as you learn it. 

This training is equal parts practicing and teaching yoga; personal development and empowerment skills. Mother and Child™ is a real game-changer and is going to make a huge impact on your life or the lives of the new mothers that you work with.

How does the Mother and Child™ 50-Hour course work?

Each of our 50-Hour YTT are individually accredited courses on their own (or can be added together to qualify for the 300-hour EMPOWER™ qualification.) You can join in with our live online teaching sessions for the 50-hour YTT, or you can simply view the recordings and complete the assessment in your own time. Everything you need is available to you online instantly on sign-up and you will receive a 50-Hour YTT Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance International on completion.

If you are simply joining this programme for your own personal wellness, there is no requirement to complete the coursework.

 What do the 50-Hour Courses Cover?

Each of the EMPOWER 50-hour programmes is complete within itself. With a focus on yoga for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing after birth – in this course, we focus on postpartum psychology and mother and baby bonding. We’ll cover yoga and wellness after birth, pregnancy-specific illnesses and conditions – as well as recovering from birth using breathing practices and yoga postures. We even cover baby yoga and massage in-depth. We also look at nutrition, self-care, postnatal Ayurveda and so much more 🙂

Cheryl will lead you on a deep, personal journey, no matter your level of yoga experience. Mother and Child™ will allow you to begin the journey to understanding and embracing the postpartum journey with baby and show you how to lead other women to do so too.

With more than 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, and over a decade in training and leading YogaBellies® teachers, Cheryl is the visionary behind Mother and Child™


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