EMPOWER: 300-Hour Women’s Yoga Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme


With a focus on yoga for women and the female physical, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the life stages, Cheryl MacDonald teaches you her proven holistic business model for authenticity, growth and personal success. Cheryl will lead you to embrace and develop your teaching or yoga practice, and go further into your own person yoga journey, deeper than you ever have before. EMPOWER will allow you to truly, LIVE your yoga throughout life.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a yoga teacher, and over a decade in training and leading YogaBellies® teachers, Cheryl is the visionary behind EMPOWER™

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YogaBellies unique 300-Hour Women’s Yoga Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme is Open to ALL Women – Not Just Yoga Teachers!

  • Discover what you REALLY want from life and help you get there – on the yoga mat; in your personal life and in business
  • Begin the work you were always meant to do — revitalizing your own feminine health and wellness while helping other women do the same!
  • Establish and grow your personal brand and wellness business — get advice and mentoring directly from Cheryl and the ongoing support of a global community of women supporting women
  • Understand why yoga has special benefits for women (that benefits us off the yoga mat too!)
  • Learn unique YogaBellies practices to support women throughout all our life stages
  • Be able to work with women and to teach: pregnancy yoga; post-natal yoga; baby yoga; baby massage; yoga for the phases of the menstrual cycle; yoga for menopause
  • Become a Yoga Alliance Internanation 300-Hour qualified yoga teacher;
  • Explore ways in which yoga can help alleviate and treat female-specific medical conditions
  • Live in alignment with our natural cycles and nature, in our yoga practice, and in our daily lives
  • Discover what a woman’s yoga practice needs to look like and why the BAP’s (back, abs and pelvic floor) are central to a woman’s wellness throughout life.
  • Learn female-centric yoga practices to improve every aspect of your life, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Use everything you learn in EMPOWER™ to burst through any blocks, exceed your goals and absolutely live your best life!
  • And much more…

During this programme you will:

  • Be guided by Experienced, Talented, Knowledgeable & Dedicated Yoga Teachers and Guest Experts
  • Challenging and Changing Your Beliefs: Samskara, Sankalpa, Vikalpa and Vasanas
  • Grow, expand and empower your teachings specializing in working with women throughout life using key yogic practices.
  • Learn the YogaBellies® Sadhana: Sense, Breathe, Move, Sleep, Circle and the practices we use when working with women.
  • Explore the Triple Goddess and the Goddess archetypes
  • Practice The YogaBellies Sadhana including Meditation, Pranayama & Asana at every session
  • Explore the 29 YogaBellies® Asana and how to use them for optimal therapeutic use with female clients.
  • Explore the female life stages, living in season, and the wheel of the year.
  • Experience and learn to guide yoga for the full and new moons; balancing the Doshas and Ayurveda; Equinox.

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