Seasons & Cycles: 50-Hour Menstrual Health Yoga Teacher Training



In this 50-hour yoga alliance international accredited online menstrual health yoga teacher training, we explore why yoga for women is different and how this applies throughout the life stages. We examine the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and living in season with nature and how this applies in our yoga practice.


This Training Is For You If:

  • You Feel Disconnected and Exhausted.
    You feel disconnected from your true self and that you feel you’re constantly fighting against your natural instincts. You find yourself feeling exhausted all month long and may be experiencing sleep disturbances, anxiety or low mood and want to look at natural solutions. Perhaps you find that you just cannot practice yoga during menstruation and want to know if that’s okay and what are your options? You may even be moving into a new life stage and want to understand how this impacts your menstrual cycle and mood and what you can do about it.
  • You Want to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally
    You may be suffering from irregular, heavy or painful periods. Perhaps PMS is causing issues in your life such as mood swings, anger, anxiety or low mood. You may be struggling with fertility issues and want to explore how to regulate your menstrual cycle naturally. You’re experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle and want to know why this might be happening and howyour yoga practice can help to repair this. It could be that you feel your yoga practice is doing you more harm than good at certain times of the month and you’re ready to embrace a feminine yoga practice that works in line with your natural cycles.
  • You Want to Teach Therapeutic Yoga for Women
    You may see that many of your female clients struggle with their practice as certain times of the month and you want to be able to offer beneficial adaptions. You want to be able to teach specialist yoga for women and be able to advise your clients on therapeutic yoga practices for every stage of their menstrual cycle. Perhaps you don’t want to teach yoga classes, but you do work with women in another capacity and want to empower them with your menstrual cycle knowledge.

What Will I Gain from Seasons and Cycles?

You Will:

  • Dive deep into the roots of women in yoga and discover why it’s essential that women have a unique yoga practice from men;
  • Learn about the role of the Goddess and how we can embrace Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone archetypes throughout life for our personal empowerment;
  • Learn why every female life stage is incredible and how to tune into the positive elements of each;
  • Learn about the female reproductive anatomy and the physiology of the menstrual cycle and why this information is important and empowering for all women;
  • Understand the influence and relevance of the lunar cycle to the female life and monthly cycles and why tuning into lunar energy can improve our personal wellness and help alleviate symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety;
  • Learn how to chart and regulate your menstrual cycle (or the lunar cycle if you don’t menstruate!) and why it’s essential to be aware of where we are at in our cycle;
  • Understand the phases of the menstrual and lunar cycles, so that you are able to plan your life around your hormonal peaks and troughs, by tuning into your natural energy levels, instead of fighting against them!
  • Learn how to adapt your yoga practice for every stage of the menstrual cycle, so that yoga feels good all month long!;
  • Learn yoga asana and practices to aid hormone-related ailments such as cramps; irregular periods; menstrual migraines; irregular periods and mood swings;
  • Learn the YogaBellies method (The Sadhana) of Sense Breathe Move Sleep Circle to create (and teach) complete yoga sequences with all of the essential elements required for a therapeutic women’s yoga practice;
  • Explore how to adopt the correct feminine self-care practices and rituals for each stage of the menstrual cycle;
  • Explore the Wheel of the Year and learn how to adapt your yoga practice and lifestyle by living in season;
  • You’ll connect with and learn from like-minded women who are ready to embrace a feminine yoga practice as part of the YogaBellies community
  • Gain a 50-hour Yoga Alliance International accredited qualification which allows you to teach yoga to and advise women throughout the menstrual cycle
  • Be able to upgrade your qualification to the EMPOWER 300 Hour yoga teaching qualification at a later date

What Is Seasons and Cycles™ ?

I created this programme for those who want to become an expert in women’s wellness throughout the month and throughout every female life stage. This is not dry teacher training course, we look primarily at YOU living and embracing your yoga – on and off the yoga mat – throughout the menstrual cycle and even if you don’t menstruate – the lunar phases. 

You will learn the YogaBellies practices, for each phase of the month and each of the female life stages. This will allow you to embody each practice as you learn it. 

This training is equal parts practicing and teaching yoga; personal development and empowerment skills. Seasons and Cycles is a real game-changer and is going to make a huge impact on your life and on the lives of the women you work with.

How does the Seasons and Cycles 50-Hour course work?

Each of our 50-Hour YTT are individually accredited courses on their own (or can be added together to qualify for the 300-hour EMPOWER™ qualification.) You can join in with our live online teaching sessions for the 50-hour YTT, or you can simply view the recordings and complete the assessment in your own time. Everything you need is available to you online instantly on sign-up and you will receive a 50-Hour YTT Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance International on completion.

This course runs live online but you can join at any time and access all of the course materials instantly. You can choose to attend the lives or complete in your own time.

If you are simply joining this programme for your own personal wellness, there is no requirement to complete the coursework.

What do the 50-Hour Courses Cover?

With a focus on yoga for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the female life stages – in this course, we focus on living in season with the universe, and also our internal universe. This means embracing our female life stages and phases of the month, where we experience hormonal highs and lows. We’ll cover yoga and wellness for the menstrual cycle, female-specific illnesses and conditions – as well as balancing hormonal fluctuations;  yoga through the seasons, nutrition, self-care, Ayurveda for women’s health… oooft! And so much more 🙂 You can check out the full curriculum and even get a sneaky peek below.

Cheryl will lead you on a deep, personal journey, no matter your level of yoga experience. Seasons and Cycles™ will allow you to begin the journey to understanding and embracing the cyclical nature of female life and show you how to lead other women to do so too.

With more than 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, and over a decade in training and leading YogaBellies® teachers, Cheryl is the visionary behind Seasons and Cycles™ 


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