• Birth ROCKS. Look forward to birth with excitement, it’s the most amazing thing you will ever do!
• Be honest with yourself and the people around you. What do you want? What do you need?
• Understand yourself. Peel back the layers, what really works for you? What comforts you?
• Look fear in the face. What are you scared of? How can you get rid of these fears? Who can help you do this?
• Try out different comfort techniques. Understand what is likely to comfort you during birth based on what comforts you in everyday life.
• Make a plan and be prepared not to stick to it. Have birth preferences and make the best choices for you and your baby, but be prepared to accept medical help if you want or need it on the day.
• Acceptance. Accept and love your birth no matter what it looks like. Don’t feel the need to justify your birth choices and ditch the birth guilt!
• Love your baby and yourself. Look after yourself and accept help when you need it. You may now be a mummy, but you are still you and deserve all of the respect and love in the world.

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