The head is the most significant part of the body. It encompasses eight vital openings—the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and one principal opening, the crown of the head. There are also vital energy points over the entire head that connect to the brain and the mind (including the subconscious).

What are the benefits for mum?

• Promotes deep relaxation and the release of tension

• Benefits memory, cognition, and alertness

• Brings clarity and strength to the senses

• NURTURE®es and supports healthy hair, while also providing a lustrous shine

• Strengthens the nervous system

• Supports balance of the brain’s chemistry and hormones

How to do it:

•          remove jewellery, hands clean, tie hair back

•          Neck rolls

•          Shoulder shrugs

•          Focus on breathing – deep breaths, relax on the exhale – baby will imitate this relaxation


‘I now let go of all of my tension. My body is relaxed. I release all other thoughts and focus on my baby.’ Let all worries and plans leave your mind. You are here now – just you and your baby. You deserve this time together. The gentle power of love is flowing through my hands to my baby. Visualize all of your love for baby as a brilliant sun in the center of your heart. With each heartbeat, this radiance courses through your arms into your hands and over your baby as you begin to massage.’

1. Warm the oil to a comfortable temperature (or room temp)

2. Sitting in an upright position, pour a small amount of oil into your hands and then comb your fingers through your hair.

3. Pour about a tablespoon’s worth of oil onto the crown of the head and massage the oil onto either side of the head.

4. Bend your head forward so that your chin touches the chest. Pour more oil along the back of your head down to where the hairline ends.

5. Spread the oil over the back of the head and massage the oil into your neck and shoulders.

6. With firm pressure, massage your entire head in small, circular motions with the tips of the fingers.

7. Leave the oil in for a minimum of 10 minutes. Cover your head to protect it from air and cold drafts.

8. If keeping the oil in the hair overnight, consider a cap or turban, or put a towel on your pillow to protect your linens.

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