????????‍♀️Morning sickness is a common pregnancy complaint; it’s estimated that between 50-70% of pregnant women experience the phenomenon.   For most, morning sickness symptoms kick in between four and nine weeks after conception and ease off between 14-16 weeks.  

????????‍♀️Common symptoms of morning sickness can include feeling nauseous/queasy, vomiting, decreased appetite, stomach cramping and can be accompanied by headaches, fatigue, weight loss, dizziness, sweating, nervousness and tenderness.  

????????‍♀️Morning sickness may be more common among first-time moms but about 20 percent of women who have nausea during their first pregnancies develop it again during their next pregnancies too. Unfortunately, for too many women, the feelings of nausea and vomiting last far beyond the morning hours and seem to have no end in sight.  Potentially good news confirmed by a study done in Oxford, England is that “morning sickness has been reported to have a positive effect on pregnancy outcome and is associated with a decreased risk of miscarriage, preterm birth, low birth weight (LBW), and perinatal death.” It’s possible that morning sickness plays a functional role in stimulating early placental growth which would result in those positive outcomes!

????????‍♀️There’s nothing fun about the feelings generated by morning sickness though, and luckily there are some natural ways that you can ease the symptoms and increase your comfort.

Here are my top three ways to reduce or stop morning sickness:

???? #1: Use Ginger! Fresh ginger root, ginger tea, candied ginger slices and pickled ginger are definitely things to keep on hand if you’re struggling with morning sickness. Ginger is a traditional remedy to stop nausea naturally. The root is rich in gingerol, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmatic, helps prevent infections and soothes the digestive tract. 

Add grated ginger to your food, sip on ginger tea, or chew on a small piece of crystalized ginger or peeled raw ginger. 

???? #2: Sip Bone Broth or Miso Broth with a little added sesame or coconut oil.  The nutrients in these broths coupled with the healthy fats (naturally occuring animal fat in bone broth and the added sesame/coconut with your miso) can help even hormones and balance blood sugar.  Both things are known to ease morning sickness.  Plus, the extra nutrition will help your body remain mineralized as your baby grows!

???? #3: Keep your blood sugar balanced.  This may mean eating more frequently and keeping portions smaller.  Including protein, fat and fiber in every meal can help reduce glycemic impact of food and keep blood sugar more even.  Blood sugar imbalance is linked to hormonal imbalance which may be a trigger for morning sickness, so this is a root cause remedy that may work for you.

Do you have a tried and true morning sickness remedy?  If so, post in the comments below!





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