When you’re pregnant, you spend so much time researching and preparing for the actual birth of your baby. You create a birth plan; you know where you’re going to give birth, who you want there helping you, what type of birth you want. 

But many people forget that they need a plan for after the birth. And that’s when the panic sets in. Because you’re busy adjusting, healing and bonding with your baby, and there’s no time to figure anything else out. This is why it’s so important to get prepared before the birth. To help you out, here are 5 considerations for your post-partum care plan. 

#1 Decide who is in your village 

It’s so important to organize your support team in advance. Immediately after giving birth, you will need help with meals, washing clothes, cleaning, and child care if you have other children. Don’t be shy about asking friends and family for help. 

If you don’t have a local support system, a postpartum doula is a great option. Look for someone who can arrange a team for you. Another option is joining a YogaBellies Nurture class. Nurture is designed to help new moms during the post-partum period by creating the support and tribe they need.

#2 Create your “right after birth” plan

What do you want to happen in the 24-48 hrs after the baby comes out? Where you give birth will greatly affect what goes into this plan. If you have a home birth, consider who and what you will need with you. What will you or your birthing team do with the placenta? Do you even want your team there or do you want complete privacy for bonding with your baby for the first 48 hours? Make your wishes clear before the birth. 

#3 Get your shopping done

There are many things you need as a new mum, and it’s important to get them ready beforehand! This includes things to help keep you and baby comfortable, like extra heaters, blankets, essential oils, massage oils, water bottles, and books. It also includes any remedies for pains that could pop up, like sitz baths, squirt bottles, and balms for cracked nipples or hemorrhoids. 

You also want to stock up on food, especially if you don’t have a team to cook or buy your food. Purchase your spices, oils, teas, herbs and any staples ahead of time. Prepare some freezer meals. You can also consider recipes that help post-partum mums with breastfeeding, like this Mamma Mojito

#4 Add in lots of massages 

Massage is great for both you and your baby. In fact, Ayurveda recommends receiving a massage every day in your post-partum windom. While this might not be possible for everyone, having an occasional massage will provide many benefits for your healing body. If you don’t have the means to have a masseuse, have your partner learn how to give massages. Or visit a YogaBellies Nurture class where we teach both self-massage and daily baby massages

#5 Establish a daily routine 

Lastly, creating a routine will help you and your new baby fall into a pattern that both of you will love. It might be hard in the beginning, but having even one or two regular things in your flow will help relieve stress. As your baby gets older, adding to the routine will help regulate meal times and nap times, making life much easier. 

Expectant mums spend a lot of time preparing for the actual birth, but many fail to plan for what happens immediately after that. Create a post-partum care plan using these 5 elements to make your transition from expecting mum to brand new mum much easier.

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