Perhaps you’re a new parent. Everything is new territory right now. You’re not even sure how you feel about yourself as a mother. And with the extra responsibility and overwhelm, you’re struggling to bond with your child.

Don’t panic. While feeling an intense bond right away is common, for others, the bonding process may take some time. Cut yourself some slack. For many new parents, bonding happens as they care for their child and as they get to know his or her personality as he or she grows. Surprisingly, yoga can also help you connect with your baby. How? Let’s take a closer look!

How Babies Form Bonds

Bonding with your baby isn’t only beneficial for you, but also for your child. Interestingly, this bond helps stimulate hormones and other chemicals in your baby’s brain, which contribute to their growth and development. It further provides your little one with a sense of security and also may contribute to their self-esteem. 

Babies form a bond through a variety of interactions. Skin-to-skin touch can sooth you and your baby, bringing you closer together. Eye contact is also very important, specifically in close range. Although a baby may not be able to see all the colors and shapes of the world at first, they will likely be able to recognize your face within the first few weeks.

Talking, even through song, is also important early on. Babies enjoy listening to you talk. In fact, they may recognize their mother’s voice before they’re even out of the womb.

All these interactions add up. They comfort your baby and bring you two closer together. In addition, yoga also involves many of these contact points, allowing you and your little one to bond early on.

How Can You Bond With Your Baby Through Yoga?

Most mothers tend to spend a lot of time alone at home with your baby. This can quickly become very lonely. It’s so different from what many women are used to, and it can lead to postpartum depression or feelings of disappointment and guilt. 

An imbalance of hormones postpartum may also leave you feeling exhausted and out of your norm. You struggle to balance taking care of yourself, as well as your baby, and getting to know your new little family member. 

Yet, yoga offers a way that you can do all of the above. You can relax, take care of yourself, look after your little one, and bond with them. It’s also a great way to get out of the house and socialize with other new moms.

Plus, yoga doesn’t have to be intense. Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes, including specific classes tailored to new moms and their babies. These specialized classes promote touch between you and your baby, as well as eye contact and other interactions. They further can help you heal after the birth process via gentle movement that promotes recovery. 

YogaBellies Classes For Mum and Baby

YogaBellies specifically designs yoga classes for you with your baby. These classes help you deal with postpartum challenges. They further target the core, including your back, abs, and pelvic floor – areas which are generally weak after birth. Baby yoga poses are also incorporated so your little one can join in the fun and you two can bond during each and every session. After the class is over, you get a chance to talk with other moms, as well as reflect on your practice. 

Always ensure you have your doctor’s approval before beginning to participate in any physical activity, big or small. And if you’re interested in finding a YogaBellies class for mum and baby, click here and find a class nearby.

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