1. On the most obvious level, biologically men and women are different. The physical practice of Yoga that we see today, was originally formulated for teenage boys in India to burn off excess sexual energy (abbreviated version.) This yoga was dynamic, Rajastic and very masculine and created for the male body. It’s so far removed from the natural movements and non linear thinking of women. Many of the traditional yoga postures were just not made to support child bearing hips and breasts. Men by nature are stronger, and women by nature are more flexible. We want to practice a form of yoga which will work with and benefit our natural physical form, not fight against it.
  2. Women live in cycles: Feminine yoga should support where you are in relation to the cycles of your life – not just menstrual, but through your life stages and the seasons of the year. The cyclical nature of our life is far more evident in women than it is for men and it just makes sense to connect our bodies to the natural cycles of our lives. As women we’re taught to ignore our periods; that pregnancy ‘is not an illness’ and that growing old is bad. We’re told to push on after childbirth and ‘do it all.’ This is so freaking disrespectful to womankind. By not respecting these life stages and cycles we become depressed and depleted. Instead of avoiding the intrinsic aspects of being a woman, how about celebrating them for the incredible gifts that they are!?
  3. As Women, we can use yoga to support the unique life transitions we experience. Female yoga practices can help to guide women through regulating their menstrual cycles, preparing for pregnancy, easing them through childbirth, recovering and bonding with baby after birth, all the way up to and past the symptoms and cycle of menopause.
  4. Feminine yoga help balance hormones. The use of specific yoga asana and pranayama can help alleviate hormonal imbalances that affect our every day life, such as PMS, optimising fertility, perinatal anxiety or the anxiety related to menopause. Knowing which practices to use can make the difference between alleviating and aggravating these symptoms.
  5. Women need a village. We thrive in community and need the support of our sisters throughout these key life stages. More so than men because of the unique changes and challenges we experience. Today, women are a lot more isolated in their own homes and lives and more separate from each other. The opportunities for coming together are much more limited and the time spent together in this way greatly reduced. Because of this we miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from being with other. Feminine yoga can bring women together again.

I hope that you are considering moving towards a feminine yoga practice. To find out more about Yogabellies you can catch us on Instagram, facebook and youtube (yogabelliesTV) or at yogabellies.com

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