Last time we talked about freedom…

(I’m blown away by  and super grateful for how many responses I got from women who wanted to share their thoughts with me!)
Today I wanted to touch on something more…

Seemingly sinister.


We all know the feeling — the tightness in the chest, the heart-pounding like crazy…

The feeling that something horrible is about to happen and it will have dire consequences.

Fear visits some of us more than others.

While on the other end of the spectrum, you have an extremely rare genetic disorder called Urbach–Wiethe disease…

Which, in cases like the one of a patient known as SM…

Destroyed the amygdala, our primitive brain where the fear resides)…

And killed all fear.

No, I’m not saying we should wish for this disease (it comes with a shorter-than-normal life span)

But can you imagine a world in which you could turn the fear off — on command?

You could tell the fear: “Hush. You don’t get to boss me around. I take charge now.”

And then you would go about your day, doing all those amazing things that you put on hold because of…

Well, fear.

While we can’t do that…JUST YET…
Here are three ways you can deal with your fear and re-take control over your mind.

1. Say out loud: 

“I’m excited” instead of “I’m scared/ nervous.”
This is known as the “anxiety reappraisal” and is a method for conquering anxiety. Still, I found it works just as well in diminishing fear.
Try it out, and let me know what you think!

2. Name your fear.

Here you’re getting very direct. You’re acknowledging your fear and giving it a name — which, in return, empowers you to deal with it.
As J.K. Rowling expressed through the character of Hermione: “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

3. Breathe.

Sorry , nothing new here.

As a yogini, you’re aware of the tremendous power of breath.

Now it’s time to step it up and utilise it more in everyday life…

Especially in those challenging situations in which fear likes to rear its head.

That’s it for today.

Let me know, what’s your favourite method of dealing with fear?



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