“Money is hard to come by.”

“Making lots of money means compromising your integrity.”

“No one in my family ever made more than X, so I can’t either.”

“I don’t have what it takes to run my own yoga business.”

“I’m just bad with credit cards.”

Or, my personal pet peeve, “I must work hard for my money!”

Those are just a few examples of limiting beliefs around money…

That even the most successful and driven people fall to.

Even if we proclaim how much we love having and spending money…

We find ourselves afraid to ask for a raise or price our services fairly…

And sadly, we often pass these faulty believes to our children.

So how do we break free from this thinking?

The best solution I’ve found is: follow someone who’s already where you want to be.

Be it a friend, mentor, book, course, or an influencer (people love hating on them, but they can be a force for good!)…

Follow the footsteps of someone who doesn’t succumb to limiting thinking.

Allow yourself to become inspired.

Take baby steps forward.

Use positive affirmations.

These beliefs are stubborn, but let’ start plucking them one at a time.

Now, I’m curious…

How do you personally deal with limiting beliefs about money?

Go ahead and reply to this email.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love, Cheryl x

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