Hormones are messengers in our body that regulate every process that is going on in our body. From the digestion of our food, building tissues, regulating our mood, regulating the body’s temperature, and regulating our menstrual cycle. Hormones influence every cell in our body, affecting both our mental, physical, and emotional state.

There are a lot of different hormones, all of which have different tasks in different parts of the body. But they also work together in a very sophisticated way to keep the body in balance. Hormones are secreted from the endocrine glands in our body. From there the hormones enter the bloodstream and go to different parts of the body to do their task.

 The 7 major endocrine glands are:

  1.   Pineal gland
  2.   Pituitary gland
  3.   Thyroid gland
  4.   Thymus gland
  5.   Pancreas
  6.   Ovaries / Testes
  7.   Adrenal glands

The hormonal system is very complicated, which can be both conflicting and confusing. In this course I’m going to give you some basic yet fundamental information about the hormones. We’ll only look at the hormones that are closely related to and affecting women’s health.

Did you know that yoga can actually help balance your hormones? Restoring the balance of your natural hormones can maintain the quality of your physical and mental health, throughout life. We all fall prey to our hormones at some point – be it throughout the month, post-partum or during menopause. One of the ways to balance these hormones is through the right yoga practice.

The endocrine system (that thing that makes your hormones,) functions affect different energy levels, growth and development, along with your metabolism and your sex drive also. Imbalanced hormones can cause a variety of symptoms which include headaches, fatigue and mood problems – to name but a few! Maintaining a good endocrine system can influence your health significantly.

Yoga can help hormonal balance in a number of ways. Specific hormones are released from the adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, pancreas, pituitary, pineal and testes and make their way to target organs via the bloodstream.  Specific yoga poses pressurize and depressurize specific glands. These subtle compressions and compressions can regulate secretions and stimulate and balance endocrine function. We can think about yoga in terms of all our hormone releasing glands, we can think about using yoga to help support our whole system of glands.

Not only that but by maintaining a good sleep pattern, rest, eating healthily and managing stress through yoga we can help balance in areas of digestion, metabolism and the nervous system which in turn will help the endocrine system to function in a healthy way.

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