It Seems To Be The Natural “Next Step” In Your Yoga Practice, Right? Maybe. I mean, you don’t have to want to teach yoga just to become a certified yoga instructor. In fact, many students just want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga more than they want to teach!

The problem? A LOT of women think they need to be “ready” to participate in a training program and have an Instagram-worthy asana practice to be ready to teach yoga.

A yoga teacher training program will focus more on the philosophical side of yoga, as taught in the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. The training will go into pranayama, meditation, chakras and what it means to be a yoga student. In YogaBellies Teacher Training we focus specifically on the impact of the 8 limbs of yoga on the lives and health of women throughout the life stages.

So how do you know if you are ready for a teacher training programme?

Here are 10 signs that you’re ready to deepen your yoga knowledge and practice through a YTT program this year.

  1. Being on the yoga mat is the center of your life.

Have you become “that boy or that girl”? The one who usually says things like ‘Let me remind you, I’m about to do yoga’ or ‘Oh sorry I can’t, that’s when my favourite yoga teacher gives a seminar. Do not think you want to teach.

2. You feel you’re no longer progressing in your practice.

Have you been practicing for a few years and are still not sure what to do with your Reverse Triangle? Or do you do alternative nostril breathing (also called nadi shodana) over and over again, you like it but you don’t yet know exactly what you are doing or why you are doing it? Perhaps you have spent a few minutes meditating here and there, but you don’t know how to consistently do it at home? Fill in the gaps and have all your personal questions answered! A teacher education program offers in-depth study and personalized support to help you get started and take all aspects of your personal practice to the next level. Yoga philosophy and connect with the deeper meaning of all these sun salutations that you do in your personal practice.

 3. You struggle with some of the postures

 One of the most common misconceptions I hear is that you need to be able to do advanced yoga poses to be a teacher. Now guess what. That is not true! Good hatha yoga teacher training will teach you everything you need to know about a pose so that you can teach it, even if you can’t do it yourself. And you will spend a lot of time practicing becoming the best at teaching as you can walk someone firsthand through every detail of the process. Touching your toes or not, you can still be an excellent teacher! Once you have a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, you will also realize that “advanced yoga” has a lot more to do with your daily life than a few handstands or arm balances.

4. You’re not really sure if you want to teach yoga.

Not being interested in teaching yoga is another thing I hear all the time when women are thinking of doing a teacher training. That’s perfectly fine, I don’t want to teach! In fact, it is quite common. Sure, some things in the course will focus on helping you to be ready to teach, but it will mainly study the practice of yoga.

5. You want to get to know like-minded women that love yoga as much as you do

You tell your friends and family about the benefits of yoga and it’s always the same …… that bored look that says, “OMG they’re talking about yoga again.” And they just aren’t convinced.

How cool would it be to be surrounded by other women who are just as passionate about yoga as you are? Not only can you chat all day with women who don’t get tired of talking about yoga and women’s health, but you’re guaranteed to meet at least a few new friends for just as dedicated to yoga for women as you are. After all, most of the women willing to spend a few thousand pounds on yoga teacher training look forward to walking the yoga path with you.

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