You’ve probably been running around like a mad woman getting the kids back to school or working your ass off – or both. Yep, I’m right there with you.

This could be a little bit controversial but… have you thought about taking some time for yourself? 😅

I’m hosting a women’s only yoga retreat in Bali – YES Bali – on the 6th of November and it’s created for women like you: Loving, far-too-busy women who are always thinking about everyone and everything else before themselves.

If you’ve never been let me tell you about Bali. WOW. It’s my absolute favourite place in the world because not only is it stunningly beautiful and perfectly warm (as you’d expect from a tropical paradise,) but it’s also deeply spiritual. This is what makes Balinese culture so special.

In Bali, there is no word for ‘religion.’ Balinese Hindu (which is the main religion) and the local culture and customs are intertwined so the beautiful ceremonies and practices are part of everyday life. Balinese people are the most beautiful and friendly and laidback people you’ll ever meet.

There’s a huge yoga community – Bali is the yoga capital of Asia. Now I love yoga and I cannot get enough of exploring the temples and waterfalls – it’s my life – but you can also relax by a gorgeous pool or by the Ocean sipping a Cosmo and listening to some chillout tunes. That is my idea of perfect balance.

My retreat focuses on bringing some balance into your life: Reminding you that YOU deserve and NEED to rest. Don’t just think of this as a week of relaxation then back to the grind. I’m going to show you unique yoga practices – on and off the yoga mat – that you’re going to take home with you to make improvements in your real life at home.

I’m talking about a 5-minute mindfulness practice you can use before you freak out at your little people when they refuse to go to bed. A 2-minute breathing practice to calm you down before your big presentation. A 10-minute yoga practice when you get up in the morning to wake up your body and double your energy levels for the jam-packed day ahead.

The retreat is being held during the Full Moon Festival too, Purnima, which is a big deal in Bali. My retreat is literally next door to the biggest Temple in Canggu, so you’ll also get to experience this incredible festival and it’s going to be such a high-energy time for us.

I’m talking about 7 days of yoga overlooking the ocean, all-inclusive organic food (breakfast, lunch and dinner,) truly magical experiences, unlimited spa time, and meeting amazing, like-minded women. And me! I’ll be there and I can’t wait to meet you and hear about what’s happening for you and how I can give you the tools you need to really look after yourself and make life a little bit more enjoyable… to help you find that balance you’re looking for.

The retreat venue is out of this world. I looked at tons of places in Bali and this was hands-down the winner.  I’ve been there many times myself and here’s a little video of my trip there earlier this year. The yoga shala overlooks the Indian Ocean; it’s directly on the beach; it has an in-house Balinese spa and a pool with swim-up bar… it’s honestly paradise.

I have only 2 rooms left available and I’d love to offer you a 10% discount on all bookings before midnight on Sunday the 18th of September. I want to make this as affordable as possible for you guys, so you can pay in 2 installments also.

Just use code BABIBABY at checkout to get your discount!

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