When people are born, the body needs a certain level of nutrients to continue growing. As the years pass, the nutritional needs of a person change. During the young adult years and early 30s, the need for nutrition doesn’t change very drastically, but as most people reach their late 40s and 50s, the need for nutrition begins to change once again. In order to stay healthy and in balance, you have to give your body the required vitamins and minerals that it needs. If you continue riding along in this article, you will find a short discussion of vitamins and supplements for healthy aging.


As one of the most essential minerals the body needs, calcium is important for bones and other hard structures in the body. As people grow older, it becomes more difficult for the body to absorb calcium, so the body will sometimes take calcium from the bones, making them brittle. If you can eat sources of calcium that are easier to digest, then the bones have a greater likelihood of maintaining a proper density.


This mineral is an essential part of the mechanism that governs your blood pressure. It also has a role in your immune system, even though it’s exact functions aren’t fully understood. This makes it difficult to gauge whether or not it’s presence in supplemental form is entirely effective. More testing is currently being done, but until then, it might be advisable to try to obtain it mostly through the foods that contain magnesium.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is an important part of keeping the body healthy because it helps to facilitate the body’s absorption of calcium. This vitamin also takes an active role in building the defense against sun damage, and can even prevent some autoimmune diseases. There is also statistical data that suggests that people who are low in vitamin D are prone to fainting spells or loss of balance, which would provide the circumstances for a fallen person to break bones due to a lack of proper calcium.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is an important part of the creation of red blood cells. It also helps protect and maintain accurate DNA information. As people become older, their body loses some of the ability to absorb this vitamin, and it will need to be supplemented. B12 can be found in lots of varieties of berries, and you can find them in pill form alone or as a complex.

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