What Is ‘the village’:

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”, but in Western society we seem to have forgotten that, until very recently, this actually was the reality of how children were raised – where societies shared the care of their children, and new mums were surrounded by a community of women – neighbors, friends and relatives – who would support and nurture them throughout motherhood: their ‘village’. In modern Western culture this concept has been lost, or forgotten, and the reality of the experience of many new mums is one of loneliness and isolation, with no ‘village’ to turn to.
So many new mums find themselves home alone with baby, soon if not straight after the birth, feeling that they are responsible for single-handedly raising their tiny new human, and that an inability to do this independently, without support, is to be a failure. This is so wrong – caring for babies and raising children was never meant to be a one-woman job – indeed, it is impossible for a new mum to adequately look after both herself and her baby completely on her own, and believing that this is the norm is having such a negative impact on maternal mental health, and can be so damaging to both mum and baby. After all, in order for baby to be nurtured and nourished, it is crucial that mum is too.
Finding that ‘village’ – that support network of other women – is so crucial. And although, historically, the ‘village’ would have been just that – your neighbors and female relatives, all of whom probably lived close by, or even with you – we can still create a modern day ‘village’, by finding other women who are going through, or have gone through, that same, unifying journey, and learning from each other’s inherent feminine wisdom. A village in which mums are able to reach out for support, while also supporting others back. It is about creating that close community, to help mums to feel united, and not alone and isolated, easing loneliness and helping to look after mums’ mental health in a world where post-natal depression and other post natal mental health problems have become so prevalent.

What Are Yoga Bellies NURTURE Classes?

To create a safe, nurturing space for mums, especially new mums, where they can find and build their ‘village’.
NURTURE classes are specifically designed to support and nurture mums immediately post-natally, when traditionally they would have been supported by ‘the village’ that many modern-day mums now lack. The purpose is all about focusing on nurturing and supporting mum, and not just baby, and mothers can even choose to attend without baby. Mums can continue to attend for as long as they wish – the purpose is to support women throughout motherhood, helping them not only to create but also to sustain their village.
In more practical terms, the classes comprise self massage and relaxation techniques for mum, which she can then utilise in day-to-day life, a deep relaxation session, and time for mums to bond with and support each other, while enjoying a soothing, hot cuppa! For those who choose to bring baby with them, the classes offer a beautiful opportunity for mum to relax and bond with baby, and also to learn the techniques and benefits of baby massage, so that mum and baby can also benefit from the huge emotional and physical benefits of this beautiful, ancient practice.
The classes are all about nurturing and nourishing, and also giving mums the tools to show themselves genuine self care, and embracing this as positive, healthy and even vital for both themselves and their babies!

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