The breath, body and mind are so closely linked, a change in one brings about a change in the other two. By developing control of your breath in certain ways, you can bring beneficial changes to your body and mind.

Pranayama acts as a key, it opens the mind, freeing the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and habits. By breathing from the upper third of the respiratory system, pranayama can move blocked pathways to the brain and the nervous system, creating new patterns, roadways to the superhighway of the super conscious. Pranayama revitalizes the body, steadies the emotions, and creates great clarity of mind. Maintain the bandhas during pranayama. Place the mind in the breath. Pranayama, like asana practice, is progressive. You build upon what you’ve already done.

Breath Awareness

Sit, stand, lay down facing up, or be in any postures and ask them to breathe slowly and consciously. Then direct your attention to the following:

• Feel the rising and falling of the abdomen
• Feel the rising and falling of the chest
• Be aware of long, deep, and subtle inhalations and exhalations
• Be aware of cool air entering into the nostrils, throat, and lungs and the warm air exiting from the lungs, throat, and nostrils
• Be aware of rising energy or Prana from the bottom of the spine to the crown of the head
• Feel the aliveness of body parts, hands, fingers, arms, and legs
• Feel the energy radiate to every part of the body
• Breathe in long and deep and breathe out even longer and deeper
• Breathe in long and deep, hold the breath for a few seconds, and breathe out long and deep, hold the breath for a few seconds.

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