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So last week Cheryl blogged about creating a home office that you want to spend time in and it really hit a nerve with me.

I looked around at my space and could have wept. The dining table (which is supposed to be a dining table) was absolutely covered in paperwork and random dumpings, the shelving unit was so messed up the books I wanted for reference were nowhere to be found, and my loft (which is supposed to be my office looked like a bomb had dropped and was a definite no go area!

I read the blog and realised I needed support in this (I had tried to do it previously but never got very far), so I called my Mum & Dad (yes I’m 50 but still get to call them for help – and long may that continue – and yes, I do realise how lucky I am). They came the following day to a long list and we made a start and turned the areas from this to this.

Thanks Cheryl for the inspiration to do this, it was overwhelming me and I was getting nothing done as nothing was where it should have been and everything took at least 3 jobs before I could get on with the one I was supposed to be doing. Now that my space is cleared my mind is much clearer too and have been able to get on! It was so pleasant today to come up into the loft and get started and know where everything was. The clear out of the office has also tipped me into clearing other things too and I cleaned out my sewing box, you know the one I’ve had since I was married 28 years ago and thrown out loads of old scraps and tidied it so I can find the needles and the scissors when I need them! The cupboards in the living room are next.
So BIG Thanks Cheryl (& Mum & Dad), from a much more productive and happier Pam xxx
Pics sent separately

From this & this (loft)
To this
Shelving unit now tidy/ cleaned and organised so I can find my books!
And a dining table we can dine on!



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