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I hope you’re well and doing okay in these crazy times!

As you know, winter is upon us…

For many of us, this is the time to slow down, do a bit of self-reflection, and curl up with a soft blanket and a nice, steaming cuppa.

But for a true yogini and a caring yoga teacher, this is the perfect time to master new skills.

Does this sound like you?

If so — you’re one lucky lady!

How about joining my SUPER sought-after “Mother and Child” mini-course this November? I have literally a limited number of places left for the right candidates.

This is module 5 of my best-selling “EMPOWER by YogaBellies” — a Yoga Alliance International accredited Yoga teacher training course

And this 50-Hour module is truly incredible!

There’s nothing more precious than bringing a new life into this world…

And you can be a trustworthy guide to new Mums and their precious bundles of joy!

This is a deep dive into the postpartum journey of a woman, and it’s all about acquiring powerful tools to serve your clients — Mums with toddlers — better.

Here’s what you will learn in 50 hours of the “Mother and Child” module:

✶Important aspects of the female physiology and anatomy during the final trimester and during postpartum

✶Key principles of post-natal recovery — through core-realignment, pelvic joint stabilization, and decompression of the spine — and post-natal self-nurturing practices

✶How to create safe and supportive yoga flows and asana progressions for Mums recovering from childbirth

✶How to teach Mums deep relaxation techniques — with and without the baby

✶Why BAP (back, abs, and pelvic floor) play a critical role in postnatal recovery

✶Master Yogabellies sleep practices and Sadhana of Sense Breath Move Sleep

✶How to teach baby YogaBellies baby yoga for infants and toddlers

The skills and knowledge you will learn in this module are so precious…

And invaluable to so many students who gave or are about to give birth…

You can even use it to carve a niche for yourself and specialize in yoga for Babies and Toddlers or teach combined Postnatal yoga for Mums & Babies …

(This type of yoga instructor is ALWAYS in high demand and held in high regard, speaking from personal experience.)

Join me in this amazing course so you can bless others with your service!

If you’d like to know more about training with yogabellies you can check out our Mother & Child Course here




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