1. YOU NEED SUPPORT – YOU NEED A VILLAGE – YogaBellies NURTURE was created to support mothers immediately post-natally, which is traditionally a time when we were supported by ‘the village:’ a community of women around us, such as grans, aunts, friends and neighbors. In today’s society, women tend to be left home alone with baby while their partner goes out to work. Without this community and support, we are suffering: More and more women have post-natal depression and suffer feelings of guilt, self-loathing and disappointment that they cannot fulfill their role like other mothers. The myth that women are supposed to raise a baby single-handed is one we want to dispel. You don’t need to be immediately post-par-tum, this class is open to all mothers – the highest rate of PND is at 4 years post-par-tum so we don’t discriminate on the age of your child. All mothers are welcome because were always going to need that village and that time for ourselves.

  2. YOU WILL TAKE TIME TO NOURISH YOURSELF– Embracing traditional post-par-tum self-care, aromatherapy, massage and nourishment practices, we have created a nurturing environment for our mothers. A unique blend of YogaBellies care and recuperation for mother with baby, NURTURE is not a yoga class. You can start immediately post-partum and can bring baby along or chose not to.

  3. YOU’LL ENJOY THE DEEPEST RELAXATION– Our YogaBellies SLEEP sessions incorporate the use of custom blend of ancient tones, theta waves and self-hypnosis to allow you and baby to enjoy the deepest levels of relaxation, Need a nap? No problem! Enjoy! There is no pressure to perform in this class.

  4. REVIVE AND RESTORE– You and baby will leave our NURTURE classes feeling deeply relaxed but also energized and ready to tackle the day ahead! Looking after yourself should never be an afterthought and self-care is not selfish.

  5. YOU WILL LEARN LIFE SKILLS In NURTURE– You’ll learn sacred practices and relaxation techniques you can use every day outside of class. We discuss important post-partum topics and no-one else wants to talk about.

Where can I book?

NURTURE by YogaBellies is launching at the end of January 2020 and we will be taking bookings shortly. To find out more visit our website at www.yogabellies.co.uk or follow us on fb or Instagram @yogabellies. Contact us today to become a yoga teacher trainer.


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