A woman’s body is beautiful and sacred — would you agree?

Just as Mother Nature has her own unique rhythm, seasons and cycles…

Our own bodies reflect this wisdom, too.

Module 2 of my EMPOWER training, Seasons and Cycles is one of my favourites and we are going to dive further into what it means to be a woman.

Even if you don’t menstruate, women still exist in cycles and in this module, we will explore the significance of living in tune with nature’s cycles and how to harness our innate feminine power. We explore how nature’s seasons affect our optimal wellness and how to surf the hormonal fluctuations we experience each month with ease.

Who is this programme for?

  • Women Connecting with their True Nature Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, if you wish to dive deep into menstrual cycle wisdom and how to adapt your yoga practice throughout the month; the life stages and seasons: this is for you
  • Yoga Teachers and Wellness Professionals Working with Women If you teach yoga specifically for women or would like to, this 50-hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Training will give you insight into practices for menstrual ailments and energy fluctuations throughout the month. Guide your female students with sensitivity and feminine knowledge.
  • Women Experiencing Menstrual Issues If you are experiencing strong hormonal fluctuations, pain or PMS throughout the month, this training is for you. We look at holistic self-care and yoga practices to guide you through the month for optimal energy and vitality.

What we’ll cover:

In this module, we explore why yoga for women is different and how this applies throughout the life stages. We examine the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and living in season with nature and how this applies in our yoga practice.

❖    Learn about the HERstory and role of women in yoga and healing through the centuries and the significance of menstruation in different cultures,
❖    Embrace the maiden, mother, enchantress and crone and learn how these archetypes can be present in our lives at every age and how to work with their energies.
❖    Learn about honoring our natural rhythms. Explore the intricacies of working with the lunar and menstrual cycles to align with nature and balance our hormones.
❖    Discover yoga practices for each stage of the month and the moon cycle to create balance and harmony in our lives.
❖    Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle alongside the lunar cycle and why you should do this for optimal health
❖    How to use the YogaBellies Sadhana of Sense Breath Move Sleep to work with women throughout the menstrual cycle.
❖    Learn how we can optimize our yoga practice to enhance our overall wellness and alleviate common conditions such as cramps and PMS using yoga and holistic practices including recommendations on herbs, supplements and hormone-balancing recipes.
❖    Uncover the benefits of living in season and seasonal yoga practices for each season.
❖    Explore the wheel of the year and adapting your yoga practices to tune into nature’s seasonal energy.
❖    Understand the anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle and what happens to a woman physically and emotionally throughout the month, and how to balance hormones.
❖    Understand female anatomy and physiology, the BAP’s  (back, abs and pelvic floor) and the pelvis with complete training.

How is this training delivered?

This training will be taught live over 2 weeks from the 16th of August 2021. You can dip in and out of the live, interactive teaching sessions as everything will also be recorded and made available to you. Join a sisterhood of women as we explore the mysteries of the feminine, lead by YogaBellies founder, Cheryl.

You will gain access to our online resource with videos, audio, narrated slide shows and a substantial downloadable handbook (over 200 pages!) on the topics covered, which you will also have lifetime access to.
You will gain access to a private Seasons & Cycles forum where you can connect with like-minded women and course participants.
The training is also accredited by Yoga Alliance International as a 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programme and you can apply for this accreditation on completion of assignments (optional.)

How Can I Sign Up Now?

The value delivered in this 50-hour Yoga Alliance accredited mini-course is immense and potentially life-changing. You can use the code SEASON10 at checkout to get 10% off the price of this programme if you book your place by Monday 9th of August. Click here to find out more and sign up now

Are you ready to start this beautiful journey with me?

Unlock the Ancient Power Of Nature’s Cycles

Your Guide on The Spiritual Wellness Path,



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