If you’ve had a rajastic ashtanga practice for years (I did!), then the concept of a ‘feminine’ yoga practice probably blows your mind. There a few wee ways you can begin to incorporate elements of the feminine into your practice, that are not too out there. You don’t need to completely change your style of yoga, just try a couple of these tips to add more Shakti (feminine energy) to your flow:

????????‍♀️SENSE: Bring complete awareness to your practice and engage all of your senses. Honour your emotional, physical and spiritual self as you are in this moment. What’s going on inside of you? How do you feel right now? What predominat emotionsa are you experiencing? What are you experiencing in the environment around you? What can you see, hear, smell, feel etc? Incorporate essential oils into your practice and play flowing, beautiful music that makes you feel good

????????‍♀️Adapt your yoga practice according to where your are in your life cycles: Im talking about your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle but also the stage of your life cycle. Am I on my period? is this inline with the lunar cycle? Check out my website to find out why this is important! Where am i in my life: am i a mother, an empty nester? By being aware of and respecting where you are right now in your life, your yoga practice will flow and it wont feel forced. If you can incorporate seasonal elements into your yoga practice, then do this too. Try using a journal to track these cycles, like my Yoga for Life journal on amazon????????)

????????‍♀️MOVE: Practice yoga spontaneously. Try a freestyle practice on your mat. Listen to your intuition, allow spontaneous movement (or stillness!) to arise as you practice. If you’re in a class, adapt the poses as your body needs and rest-into child’s pose if you need that too.

????????‍♀️Acknowledge your female sexuality and energy (Shakti again!) and become aware of this within your yoga practice. By bringing awareness to the pelvic floor and the BAP’s area and engaing the mula bandha (the root lock) can begin to cultivate with this energy. When we build shakti, we feel heightened energy, wakefulness, positivity and vibrace in every aspect of our lives.

????????‍♀️Devote your practice to the divine feminine or any of the worlds Goddess traditions that are meaningful to you. You can even create an altar to visually focus your practice, with candles, beautiful flowers and imagery. If thats not your bag, devote your practice to your loved ones, or nature. Use this as a starting point for setting an intention at the beginning of your practice.

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