People always ask me: Why the obsession with the moon? WTF does the moon have to do with yoga!? Make yourself comfortable ladies, as I run you through the headlines…

????The moon is especially important for women as it’s full of feminine energy. It represents wisdom, intuition and the cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation.

????The moon has a powerful effect on the ocean’s tides, and can even alter how we feel, as our bodies are made up of 60% water. The pull of the moon and its effects are undeniable, and are the key to a deeply connected feminine yoga practice…

????Yoga focuses on balance – physically, emotionally, mentally. Hatha yoga, the physical part of yoga, means ‘sun’ (ha-) and ‘moon’ (-tha). The moon and the sun, represent balance. We must appreciate the yin and yang in everything to find that balance.

????Channeling the energy of the moon in each phase of its cycle will take you deeper into your yoga practice. You’ll gain true self knowledge and living within natural cycles will bring you into harmony with nature. The 4 lunar phases are great focal points to align your practice with and to find that balance.

????Aligning your menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle (and in turn your yoga practice,) can also help balance your hormones, decrease PMS and increase fertility.

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