Did you know that after childbirth, technically you will always be postnatal?

????????‍♀️There is no set date where you suddenly don’t come under the postpartum umbrella ladies. You don’t ever stop being postnatal and that means potentially experiencing issues related to your pregnancy and birth, for life.

????????‍♀️Your pelvic floor muscles don’t magically get stronger all by themselves. You need to be mindfully engaging Mula Bandha (the root lock) on and off the yoga mat, and should be practising those PFE’s (pelvic floor exercises) every day, no matter where you are in life! (Check yogabelliestv on youtube for instructional videos!)

????????‍♀️The connective tissue that supports your pelvic organs won’t suddenly get firmer. You need to consciously work with your body to heal and repair.

????????‍♀️You need to be aware of any abdominal splitting you may have and work with your YogaBellies teacher or physio to heal this. Your abdominal wall separation / diastatis recti doesn’t magically close.

????????‍♀️As women we need to focus on strengthen the back, abs and pelvic floor the BAPs) in order to restore integrity to these key areas of the body and maintain our overall wellness.

???? YogaBellies teacher can help you recover post-birth: no matter when the birth was! Check out our range of classes to find out which is best for you. ????????????‍♀️

Contact us today for a yoga teacher training online classes.

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I’m an inclusive, not scary, totally normal yet heavily qualified yoga instructor and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. I’m trained in self hypnosis and meditation and what I love is helping women (ALL women) enjoy yoga without having to whisper all the time and wear fancy activewear that cost a month’s rent.

I believe Yoga is for everyone.