You’re probably thinking how the f do I get my kids to do yoga!? Stay with me ????

????????‍♂️Yoga for children is different from yoga for adults. You don’t need to stress around alignment and the purpose is to allow them to connect with their body, their breath and their awareness and have fun!

????????‍♂️You can use yoga stories where your child can tell you what a butterfly pose looks like or dinosaur pose: make it up! Allow them to be the teacher. It’s about stretching and moving and laughing.

????????‍♂️Breath practices can be really useful if your little one is finding lockdown stressful or they’re becoming anxious (check my pranayama for kids video on YouTube) The key is to make yoga fun and relevant to them. Spark their imagination with themes that interest them. So for Caelen, at the moment, that means Roblox yoga ????????‍♂️ ????????‍♀️

????????‍♂️You don’t need a quiet place or a fancy mat, just roll with it. Kids will do down dog in the kitchen ????????

????????‍♂️Children do yoga naturally. They love moving and exploring their bodies, seeing what they can do and what feels comfortable.

????????‍♂️Yoga, has a very calming effect on the nervous system. It can help young people to regulate their reactions to whatever comes up for them.

????Want to try it? Check out our free YogaBelliesKidz yoga sessions on YouTube @yogabelliestv????

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I’m an inclusive, not scary, totally normal yet heavily qualified yoga instructor and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. I’m trained in self hypnosis and meditation and what I love is helping women (ALL women) enjoy yoga without having to whisper all the time and wear fancy activewear that cost a month’s rent.

I believe Yoga is for everyone.