Looking for definitive signs of pregnancy is a big deal for me. Those 2 weeks between ovulation and being able to test can be your biggest test of patience. Patience has never been my strong point so if you like me, you’ll be looking for all of those tiny things that could mean a big positive YES on the pregnancy front 🙂 I’ve popped together my top signs of early pregnancy, as I know how hard it is to find out about these! Not everyone has the same signs or symptoms so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t experience these, but if you do, it could be a very good sign.

  1. Swollen abdomen. Now some people (i.e. Mike,) have accused me of being bonkers in the past when I declared myself pregnant 3 days post-conception, but I’ve never been wrong yet. Around 3-5 days DPO (days past ovulation,) is when bloating kicks in for me. I feel as if my stomach may explode and it swells like a balloon.
  2. A feeling like bubbles popping or gas in my womb. It’s the strangest sensation but it is literally, like little bubbles popping.
  3. Random sharp twinges on one side of the womb. This could be either side and feels like someone pinging a rubber band or (worse) like someone pricking you with a sharp needle. Just a couple of random jabs then nothing. It’s always been uncomfortable enough to make me ‘ouch’ out loud but hasn’t lasted and is sharp and quick.
  4. Cramps in the lower back and around the womb and inner thighs. Like a stretching, almost menstrual style cramp which comes and goes.
  5. If I lie on my tummy, I can sometimes feel my womb ‘pulse, and I’m very aware that something is ‘going on in there 🙂
  6. Sense of Smell. For me, this is usually one of the first signs. Around 6 DPO, I can smell EVERYTHING. This is how I knew I was pregnant with Caelen. I was at a training course and the trainer was across the room putting some sugar cubes in his tea and I could smell the sugar! After the course, on the bus home, the chap behind me on the bus opened a packet of Walker Cheese and Onion (a naughty favourite of mine) and it felt as if he was holding them underneath my nose. I always say that this is like a super power that you don’t want, but biologically it has the very important purpose of alerting us to the fact that something isn’t good for our baby and our body.  Isn’t Mother Nature clever? 
  7. Dizziness. Feeling just light-headed and a bit fuzzy.
  8. Difficulty Concentrating. See above 🙂 Difficulty remembering what the hell I am supposed to be doing and just stare into space a lot.
  9. Unable to Make Decisions. For me, this was a real pain during my pregnancy and was one of the reasons I realized I was pregnant. I went into Sainsbury’s to buy a bottle of water and ended up wandering around for half an hour. I thought I might be pregnant so I spent time looking at all of the pregnancy tests, couldn’t decide which one to buy, so abandoned it and came out with 4 croissants and a glow in the dark, musical seahorse (for a friend’s baby.) This inability to make a decision drove me nuts during my pregnancy and would entail me standing in my office canteen debating which food choice baby could deal with today while annoying the bejezus out of the rest of the waiting queue.
  10. Being a bit ‘Nippy.’ I noticed that I was being a tad irrational and short tempered with DH and then started crying at an advert with a baby in it when we went to see Star Wars. Case closed.

I wish you the very best of love, light, and luck on your journey to motherhood ladies. Namaste xx

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