Yes, Yes and Yes!! FFS YES! 

You know the workshop I taught on Sunday about feminine cycles at the weekend? It was sadly no surprise that the majority of women there had no idea where they were in their menstrual cycle, or what that meant with regards to their health.

Throughout history, menstruation has been seen both as ‘dirty’ and sacred in different cultures.  In cultures where the period was seen as sacred, there was a lot of knowledge about how to balance the menstrual cycle with the help of herbs, yoga, and diet. 

A lot of women today view their menstruation at very best, as a pain the ass. A lot of the time, when we have  complaints like menstrual pain or PMS, this is partly caused by the way we think about our periods. 

It’s not ‘mystical’ or difficult to do. Its about becoming aware of what’s going on in our body throughout the month and learning to ride the hormonal fluctuations and energy peaks and lulls, instead of fighting against them. 

We need to connect back to our bodies and emotions and acknoweldge and respect what we feel. We can do this by learning how to make use of yoga, diet, and lifestyle changes to support our hormonal health, throughout the month.

We are trapped in a society that doesn’t support our female health and this puts our whole hormonal system at risk. 

Our linear based life is the reason we are stuck in survival mode instead of thriving. 

Only when you really listen to your body’s needs, you can achieve optimum health and vitality.

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