If you’re like a lot of women considering joining my EMPOWER training, then you have a few niggling questions about how it all works. Many of you have been sending me your questions by email, posting them on Instagram, and asking them on the blog. And today I’ve collected your frequently asked questions all in one place, along with answers.

Take a look…

Question 1: Isn’t YogaBellies a Franchise?

Answer: No, we no longer offer a franchise model. YogaBellies now offers stand-alone yoga teacher training, with no obligatory fees, restrictions, or ongoing commitments.

However, if you do want to teach YogaBellies branded classes, be listed and searchable on our website and gain access to our branded social media resources and ongoing support – we do have an option to become a Licensed Teacher for only $70USD (GBP50) per month. This is totally optional though and you don’t need to decide when you join!

Question 2: Can I undertake YogaBellies EMPOWER training and use what I learn in the classes or services I already offer?

Answer: Yep absolutely! You don’t even need to teach yoga to take this training – you may want to use the teachings to apply to your personal development, healthcare business or something else entirely.

Question 3: Will I get direct access to Cheryl?

Answer: You will have in-depth personal guidance through our Mentorship program with your assigned Senior YogaBellies Teacher mentor. Cheryl will also lead the group teaching sessions live from Singapore and also during the monthly ‘deep dive’ calls where you can “jump into the hot seat” for personal coaching from me. I will be hosting live monthly calls also for you to ask me any questions and interact.

Question 4: I already teach yoga/have my own business, will EMPOWER help me grow my business?

Answer: 100% YES. The most prevalent thing I see when I work with yoga teachers is the lack of business knowledge: Some of the best yoga teachers in the world are never recognised for their skill, commitment and dedication because they don’t know how to put themselves out there. This is where I can help.

I grew YogaBellies from my spare bedroom with a newborn baby on my breast and I’ll be sharing exactly how I did this to apply to your own business. There is an entire module dedicated to your business, but I’ll be guiding your business and answering your questions along the way.

Question 5: What does the schedule look like for training and what If I can’t make it live?

Answer: Excellent question, because getting access to course resources and saying engaged can make or break your success. Here’s how it works…

LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS: The training runs from 2nd August 2021 for 6 months. On the first Monday and Tuesday of every Month, Cheryl will teach 2 x live workshop sessions on that module. She’ll be teaching in SGT but you can still join live or just watch later at your convenience – this programme is about fitting around your life! If you have any questions, just drop Cheryl an email or chat with her on the monthly live workshop online. You’ll have lifetime access to all of these recorded sessions.

COMPLETE ONLINE ACCESS: The entire EMPOWER course will also be available to you online to access any time you like, even from your phone. Each module has handbooks, videos, audio, practice sequences, downloads, quizzes and more.

SENIOR TEACHER MENTORS: Each student will be assigned a Senior YogaBellies Teacher as a mentor and be part of an accountability group. Each month, you’ll join a 90-minute group mentoring session with your SYT, to look at what we’re learning and receive feedback on your practice and understanding. You can check out the gorgeous video above of Ellie, one of our Senior Teachers, as she tells you about her YogaBellies for Mum & Baby classes.

ASSESSMENT: There are ongoing comprehension quizzes online for each module and an end-of-course assessment project. However, these are completely optional depending on whether you wish to receive accreditation for your training. If this is simply for personal development, there is no obligation, although it will be helpful on your journey.

Question 6: I love the sound of this training, but I just need to make sure it’s right for me – Can I chat to Cheryl about it?

Answer: You sure can! Just click here to book a 15-minute discovery call with me to make sure that we have what you’re looking for and to determine if the training is right for you.

Question 7: Can I see the full syllabus and curriculum?

Here is a link to the full syllabus with all of your questions answered right here.

Question 8: I’m READY: How do I sign up?

Just pop over here and select JOIN NOW.

At YogaBellies we believe that yoga isn’t just what happens on the mat, but how we live outside of the yoga class too. A lot of how we impact our hormonal balance is through what we eat. I’ve put together 10 little Happy Hormone Balancing Recipes for you in this mini-guide. It’s completely free, so download and enjoy!

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