From speaking to women from every corner of the globe – literally – what we all have in common right now is a complete loss of direction. This pandemic has thrown us into a strange and unknown place. Many of us have suffered losses: family, friends, jobs and more. It’s been an unsettling time but this could be ‘the new normal’ ongoing.

Let me tell you about what’s going on at YogaBellies…

We’ve made some big changes at YogaBellies in the past few years- we’ve changed from a franchise model to standalone yoga teacher training, with an optional choice of becoming a YogaBellies Licensed Teacher if you wish. This means a less required ongoing commitment from you; more flexibility in terms of what and how you teach and also more focus from me on teaching you everything that I know personally! BUT the business support and branding is there for you if you want it too!

This 300-hour yoga alliance international accredited teacher training programme is unlike anything you’ve seen before. As we’ve changed focus, I’ve rewritten our entire training programme – which was frankly just too meaty for a basic 200 hours – and it has more live interaction with myself and my Senior YogaBellies Teachers from across the globe, as well as a whole module of training dedicated to me teaching you everything I know about creating and building a 7-figure yoga business and brand. If you haven’t already or you’d like the opportunity to laugh at my retro helmet-hair, check out Mike and I when we took YogaBellies onto Dragons on this link or below!

This training is also not just for yoga teachers: EMPOWER™ Is open to…

  • Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork Teachers & Studio Owners
  • Women’s Wellness Professionals, Nurses & Physicians
  • Midwives, Doulas & Birth Educators
  • Educators & School Teachers
  • Health/Wellness, Life & Leadership Coaches
  • Dedicated Yoga Students and Lovers of All Things Feminine
  • Anyone seeking profound personal development

With a focus on yoga for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the female life stages – we’ll cover yoga and wellness for the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post-partum (and baby!) and the stages of menopause, female-specific illnesses and conditions – as well balancing hormonal fluctuations;  yoga through the seasons, the wheel of life, Ayurveda for women’s health… oooft! And so much more 🙂

In our first and last modules, we’re going to focus specifically on your personal yoga journey and why you’ve come to EMPOWER™.

Over a 6 month period, we’re going to uncover your deepest desires; set real-life goals and understand what’s currently holding you back. The module 6, I’m going to help you to create your personal and business brand; identify your tribe and create the most-kick ass business and marketing strategy, guaranteed to meet your career goals – no matter what your work is! I’ll be teaching all of the YogaBellies practices and techniques you need to find that balance: body, mind and soul and how to empower other women in your field of work.

This is not some dry, boring yoga teacher training, where you’re focusing solely on perfecting your yoga postures: This is so much more than you’ve learned in a yoga class, business course or yoga teacher training before. It’s also everything I know about women’s health, yoga, personal and business success, rolled into one.
Over 25 years of spiritual and holistic exploration from across the world; tried and tested methods and practices; creation of multiple award-winning businesses and products; what to do and what to definitely not do – all from the horse’s mouth!

What does EMPOWER™ cover?

6 Modules including:

1. Empower: Shadow work and challenging beliefs and integrating the YogaBellies Sadhana for complete life transformation

2. Cycles & Seasons: Living in feminine cycles and in season with nature and our hormones

3. Embracing the Crone: Healthy yoga lifestyle after 40

4. Birthing the Mother: Yoga and wellness for pregnancy and childbirth

5. Mother & Child: Postpartum yoga and practices for mother and infant

6. Soulful Entrepreneur: Business, Branding, Leadership + Productivity

Remember that the early bird pricing end at the end of June 2021.

Check out the complete curriculum here >>>

I look forward to working with you in your pursuit of success, balance and feminine wellness, ladies! Want to book a call to find out more?

Contact us today to become a yoga teacher trainer.

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