YogaBellies, the popular women’s yoga brand has launched a new course aimed at women and wellness entrepreneurs such as yoga teachers, massage therapists, physiotherapists, life coaches or personal trainers, keen to take their learning to the next level – Empower by YogaBellies. 

The 300-hour Yoga Alliance international certification programme running from August until January, will consist of women’s yoga and empowerment teacher training, run by YogaBellies founder and yoga elder, Cheryl MacDonald. This one of a kind training focuses not only on yoga for women through the life stages, but also on empowering yourself through living your yoga – on and off the yoga mat.

The course will look at identifying your personal and business goals, what’s currently holding you back and living your best life. Serial entrepreneur and women’s wellness expert, Cheryl, will guide you through how to exceed these goals on every level.

The yoga practice aspect of the training will focus on the benefits of yoga and holistic self-care on a female’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing throughout the life stages – encouraging the participant to live these practices as she learns them.

The course will include live in-person training with Cheryl, online class like yoga for knee pain class, interactive video training with lectures that you can view as and when, handbooks for each module, access to videos of YogaBellies classes taught by certified YogaBellies teachers and group live mentoring sessions with Cheryl and other senior YogaBellies teachers. You will be mentored throughout the training on a personal level and on your business goals.

Cheryl MacDonald, Founder of Empower by YogaBellies says: “The pandemic has forced a lot of us to rethink our directions and take on new challenges. So many women, particularly those who worked in the wellness sector, have been disproportionally affected by Covid-19 and I want to give them the chance to level up and learn more about themselves, add another talent to their armory and learn how to strengthen and protect their business models while seeing how yoga can truly change their lives.

“Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a doula, midwife, massage therapist or personal trainer looking to make yourself stand out from the crowd, this programme is for you. We have so many women joining up who don’t even have their own business yet – they just know they want to do something for them.”

The six-month course which runs from 2nd August 2021 until 10th January 2022 will consist of six key modules, namely: 

  • Module 1: Empower – This foundation module will help you focus and align as you embark on your Empower journey. YogaBellies will help you uncover your true values, belief and why you’re really walking this path. They’ll explore the YogaBellies Sadhana (dedicated learning) and how to apply this to living your life and that of your clients.
  • Module 2: Cycles & Seasons – In this module, YogaBellies will explore why yoga for women is different and how this applies throughout the life stages. You will examine the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and living in season with nature and how this applies in your yoga practice.
  • Module 3: Maiden to Crone – This module explores the female body, mind and soul as we begin to age, moving through the stages of menopause. It will examine healthy aging practices combined with therapeutic yoga for common female conditions over 40.
  • Module 4: Mother (Pregnancy) – This module covers all aspects of the perinatal period and the effects of pregnancy on the physical and emotional states of the mother. It also covers the Sadhana for pregnancy and birth and how to support women at this life stage.
  • Module 5: Mother & Child (Post-partum with baby) – This module delves into the post-partum world of mother and new-born. It looks at post-natal self-care, the importance of the Sangha (community) and the mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It looks at the use of the Sadhana post-natally for mum, but also for baby using baby yoga and infant massage techniques.
  • Module 6: Soulful Entrepreneur – In this module, multiple-business award winner, Cheryl will teach everything she knows about creating an international yoga business and brand. She will give real, down-to-earth business training to help you determine what is your soul purpose, who are your niche clients, how to create an ethnical brand and develop your leadership and productivity skills. 

Places are limited. You can choose to join individual course ‘modules’ on specific life stages, for example, menopause or pregnancy. These are specialist women’s yoga and wellness courses in their own right and are accredited by Yoga Alliance International for a 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Qualification.

Begin Your Journey Now.

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