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A super duper thank you to all YogaBellies customers!

Free Photo Shoot – A £245 FREE photo shoot with Venture Photography when you book your first block of YogaBellies classes, plus a FREE framed picture too! Book now with your local YogaBellies teacher to snap up this festive and fun offer xxx to find your nearest teacher and book a class now.

Contact us today for a yoga teacher training online classes.

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Free download for mums-to-be your guide to probiotics in pregnancy

YogaBellies is all about making you feel better: About your life, your body and yourself.

Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain ‘good’ bacteria. We have trillions of these beneficial bacteria living on and in our body naturally, but lots of things can deplete our body’s population of these essential microbes.

Probiotics are especially important during pregnancy. Probiotics during pregnancy provide many benefits for mama and baby, check out our complimentary guide on how to incorporate them into your diet

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Living in Cycles Yoga and Self-Care for Menstruation

If you’re downloading this guide, you’re probably one of a few groups of people:

• Perhaps you’re a yoga teacher or considering becoming a yoga teacher, and want to better understand the benefits of adapting your yoga practice throughout the month;

• Maybe you’re suffering from menstrual issues: Irregularity, dysmenorrhea; PCOS, or moving towards menopause, and want to know how your yoga practice can help.

• Perhaps you have a wellness or healthcare business where you work with women and would like to be able to help them with menstrual issues.

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I’m an inclusive, not scary, totally normal yet heavily qualified yoga instructor and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. I’m trained in self hypnosis and meditation and what I love is helping women (ALL women) enjoy yoga without having to whisper all the time and wear fancy activewear that cost a month’s rent.

I believe Yoga is for everyone.